It is a fact that not everyone is endowed with thick hair. This is perhaps why people usually want to fake it until they get that assurance that it has become a reality. There is good news though. This is the fact that thick hair can be gotten without the need for unnecessary hair extensions or any of those drastic measures. By applying some products as well as strategies to your normal hair care routine, this can become a reality even faster than you have ever imagined.

Your hair is about to become thicker and fuller with the 13 tips below.

It doesn’t really matter the efforts you are making as long fine hair will always appear to be stringy. Its length will be weighed down by textures. By getting a few inches cut off the strands, you can have some bounce back added to such hair. Bulk can be taken away from the hair without its thickness being affected when it is shortened. This will make the hair appear fuller in a natural way.

If you want your hair to have extra dimensions, highlights as well as lowlights should be added. Shadows and dimensions can be created in your hair by such color variations. This will help to produce that visual effect by creating the impression that more hair is actually there. Volume can be given through coloring of hair. This is because the hair shaft is lifted by the dye for color to be deposited.

Through getting your hair line dusted using an eye shadow inside a shade which is similar to your hair color, a scalp that is looking fuller can be faked. Once the hairline is filled using eye shadows, the scalp is going to appear like it has more hair. This is perhaps where you will see the powerful effects of makeup.

Your strands should be given a little nudge using products which can help in the increased production of keratin in your hair. If you want to have fuller hair, keratin is very important since it is the major component behind hair growth given its content of protein. Some important minerals and vitamins which can get keratin production stimulated are vitamin B5, vitamin E, copper, iron, and zinc. Ensure that ingredients like these are included in your diet. They can also be included during your normal haircare routine to ensure your hair becomes fuller than it is.

Hair growth can also be stimulated by making use of products which contain salicylic acid. This will help in the removal of any build – up in your hair. Due to the chemical exfoliant of salicylic acid, it can help in build – up which may be inside your scalp that are preventing your hair from growing properly. Once build – up is removed, there will be smooth hair growth. Hydrating conditioner should be used after the build – up has been removed from your scalp. This will ensure that lost moisture is regained.

One trick that can enable strands to look fuller is the use of dry shampoo. Through the use of such, shampoo texture will be built in your hair. It will be able to get moisture which are on strands absorbed since it contains oil absorbing properties. This trick will work wonders most especially when you want your hair to appear fuller but shouldn’t look like products have been used on it.

If you want your hair to look fuller and have more movement, Hera’s salon stylist can be of great help in the addition of layers in every end. When these layers are added, a dimensional effect will be created in your hair thereby making it to appear full as well as thick.

With regards to getting your hair styled for more fullness and volume, ensure the best and ideal tools are being used. For instance, in order for a full – bodied blow out to be created, ceramic round brush should be used. Ceramic plating will enable the hair to be heated. There will be movement as well as dimensions in the strand with the brush’s round shape.

You don’t need to put in too much while carrying your regular blow – dry routine. Airy volume can be created when the hair is lifted as it is being dried. Volume can be sealed in the roots via the lift motion. Also, it can help in the creation of a long standing hold. In order for volume to be added during blow drying, a volumizing mousse should be used.

Do you want the height of your hair to be adjusted instantly? Change your part today. You can get your natural hair part switched. This will give those strands some boost in volume.

Although serums are great when it comes to getting your hair pumped and contain lots of moisture, they will not be good for fullness and thickness. They seem very heavy for those hair types that are finer. Rather, sprays or lightweight mousses can be used for styling.

Are you fed up of those braids that look sad and skinny? Get them thickened up by having the braids’ sides pulled up. Once the braids are pulled outwards, you will be creating the impression that your hair is bigger.

Flat hair typically lacks movement or texture. For your strands to be given more dimension and body, a texturizing spray should be used while getting your hair styled. Through these forms of sprays, strands will be given dimension, hold and body. Your strands can be boosted and plumped through the use of products as well as handy hair hacks.