Our advice to you is not to colour your hair twice in a row in a very short time. This means that if you have dyed your hair today, you should not do it again tomorrow, the next day, or within a week. You may end up with damaged hair. The waiting time it takes to colour your hair again depends on whether you have done it at a salon or at home. It also depends on the present condition of your hair and what colour you are trying to achieve.

What are the alternatives if you are not able to touch up your hair tomorrow?

Don’t worry. Let’s look at the alternate solutions available. Your hair and scalp conditions and health should always be your and our number one priority. A damaged scalp can make a beautiful colour look terrible. It would be dull and lifeless.

The first thing we have to decide is whether your hair was coloured at home or in the salon. This is where the first difference can be seen. Let’s now see if the medicine works better than the disease. 

Is your hair darker than you had desired?

If you have had your hair dyed in a salon and it was darker than you wanted, here’s what to do:

Your stylist probably did not communicate well with you. Perhaps this was a misunderstanding. If this is the case, go back to the salon to talk to your stylist. The professional will most likely have all the tools and products necessary to resolve the hair issues without causing more damage.

Did you know that stylists often keep technical files for their clients?

They will know the colour they used and what they can do to modify it without causing damage. If your hair colour is done at home and it turned out darker than you wanted, this is what to do: Because there are risks, we need to be careful.

First, you need to realize that your scalp and hair have been exposed to chemical process. Keep in mind that peroxide creates a field of alkaline on the scalp which can cause your hair cuticles to become more open. This doesn’t mean you have a high risk to repeat the same hair colouring procedure within twenty-four hours later, but it is not recommended because it can cause severe irritation to your hair and scalp.

Instead, we should think about other options before colouring your hair the next day.

Let’s first consider the possibility that this tone could be left on for a few more days. This will allow the natural process of colour would begin to fade after a few washes. In order for this desirable outcome to happen, avoid applying any type of hair nourishment or ampoule to the hair cuticles. You’ll slow down the release of hair dye pigments, and the colour will last longer. If you can hold it off for at least a week, the colour will begin to wear out and fade. This will make it much easier to change your hair colour thereafter.

Keep in mind that in accordance to colourimetry laws, a light tonal tone does not lighten or alter a dark one. Hence applying a lighter hair dye to darker hair will not change its colour. Thus in such case, bleaching is the only option. There are two options: Do you bleach in a salon? Or do it yourself?

We hope that you can accept our advice is to make an appointment to see your stylist. This will allow you to leave the matter in professional hands.

If you do decide to try it yourself, you will need to use low-volume bleach to avoid hair damage. After you have lightened the tone, you can start to apply the next colour above the bleach level and it should not contain any copper or gold. This is something we strongly recommend you to follow this advice. If not, you will end up with hair that looks orange, and it will get worse if you try to find the right colour. You application tone should always have mauve tones according to your bleaching base.

Is your hair colour turned out to be lighter than what you wished for?

You have other options in this instance. You may not need another dye. A toning agent could solve the problem. We’ll show you a few options to help you choose the one that suits you best. 

Do you need to tone it down further?

You can solve the problem by using tone-on-tone approach. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t suffer additional damage as normally there are not applied with peroxide but six volume developers.

Were just the roots lighter?

This will be simple to solve. A tone-on-tone approach will solve this problem. You won’t have to put the hair ends and mid-lengths through any chemical process.

Do your previous work that had bleached your highlights and when a hair dye is applied, the coverage will not be uniformed and even?

It’s not true. Although the fact is bleached hair will always appear lighter, it is not something to worry about. You don’t have to reapply any dye tomorrow. They will naturally become darker over time with successive dye application as the months go by..


  • These tips will help you make tomorrow’s second hair-dye application a benefit and not a loss. Do not wash your hair prior to the second application. The scalp doesn’t have the corresponding bait film which can increase itching and irritation.
  • Because it’s not too aggressive, use a low-volume peroxide. You’ll be able to avoid possible damage to your hair and scalp.
  • You can add a few drops of lenitive gel to the peroxide and dye mixture. It acts as a scalp’s decongestant and soother. It prevents the scalp from becoming itchy during dyeing.

If you don’t have this product on hand, you can add one teaspoon of sugar. Although it won’t replace the lenitive Gel, it will help with itching. To remove dye, keep the water at a temperature of lukewarm or cool which is to prevent bringing unnecessary heat your scalp.


You can always dye it again the next day if the result isn’t what your looking for with both processes completed. Our hair and scalp are extremely sensitive. If you haven’t done so already, we suggest that you moisturize and nourish your hair.

The scalp can flake, causing a dandruff powdery look. 

This is a defense mechanism against the aggression it has been subject to. It can also cause irritation and itching that lasts for a few days. This is very annoying. To prevent allergic reactions, consult your doctor if you notice anything unusual.

Argan or Linseed Ampoules can be used to alleviate this problem. They will seal your hair’s cuticles and restore its silkiness and shine.

You can also use keratin shocks, hair masks and hair botox if Argan or Linseed Ampoules are not enough. Any hair restoration is appreciated. 

Avoid colouring your hair too quickly. 

Do not rush to this point. If you wish to, you may visit to your trusted stylist. He is the best person to do it. Even if you decide to take it on your own, remember that health is the most important thing. Also, beauty without health is useless.