Are you thinking about getting highlights, but aren’t sure if you want to bleach your hair? Sorry to disappoint you and we have some bad news. Traditional highlights will require bleaching. You can’t have highlights and not want to bleach your hair. It’s impossible because highlights, by definition, require bleach. Having hair highlights without bleaching resembles painting a picture without using canvas. There are many ways to achieve the exact same result without having to bleach your hair. The three options are: super-lightening colour, pure chamomile and chamomile shampoo. As you can see it is still possible to win. You may also explore some of the popular hair highlights or balayage inspirations without bleach here.

There are always other hair colour techniques available to you to achieve your goal of hair highlights without requiring to fork out hefty price of hair bleaching service. To make sure you get it all, We will share this article that we feel will help you to see all the options available out there.

There are people who have always longed to have thicker, fuller lips. Of course, blondes want to have brunettes. Curly haired people want straight hair. Thin lips desire Angelina Jolie’s lips. We all know exactly what is in your mind. Why not try botox anyway? Yes, that’s true, but after seeing so many disfigured lips from famous women, there maybe some decided botox wasn’t for them. You may have friends who are make-up artists and they could have taught you few tricks to make your lip look thicker. The tricks are such as using lip liner and a light lipstick at the center and added lip gloss to finish it off. Hence it is amazing to know the fact that lips have become fuller even without any surgical intervention. We hope you can you see the point by us proving this analogy.

There are always alternate solutions to avoid having to go through some chemical process. In the abovementioned instance, There might be some people who are against botox on their lips so as to make them appear fuller. Thus they have used some makeup tricks to fix their issues. In this case, you don’t want to bleach your hair but you still want some highlights to your hair. Keep fighting, so don’t quit!

You’ll hear it from us:

  • Why bleaching is essential for highlights?
  • Three methods to replicate the effects of highlights without bleaching your hair.

First, understand that highlights – regardless of whether they are foil or cap highlights – need bleaching. Why?

Why do you need to bleach your hair to have highlights?

It is essential to understand all options so that you can make the best decision. Your hair must be bleached to achieve the perfect highlights as seen on millions of Instagram girls. As Angelina Jolie said, you’d need to put botox on your lips to achieve perfect lips. The reason is very simple. It is necessary to eradicate the natural dark colour pigmentation in your hair in order to help you achieve the sun-kissed strands. Then, you will be able to use light pigments in your dye.

The best way to achieve this is to bleach your hair. You can use hydrogen peroxide as well as a bleach powder to remove any natural pigments. Your hair will then be lightened with the new colour. It’s permanent, just like lip Botox. Like any chemical process there bound to be some risks. You will feel safer if your highlights are done professionally. Now you understand why it is important to bleach your hair for highlights. It’s not easy and cheap to get the golden hair you want.

However, you don’t need to risk those risks. There are other alternate ways to lighten your hair that emulate highlights. They may not achieve your perfect highlights, but still they’ll be highlights on your hair without having to bleach your hair which is something you hope to avoid.

Three Techniques For Highlighting Hair without the Need For Hair Bleached

All of these techniques can be performed easily, and you will find the necessary ingredients at any hair-care retailer, pharmacy or even supermarket. Let’s get started with the first.

Super-Lightening Hair Dyes

This technique is closest to highlights and is best for women who are looking for a more striped highlights look. Kits that include lightest blondes, such as numbers 12.1, 12.2, or 12.3, are equipped with 40-volume developers.  The super-lightening products come with twice the strength of developer than normal kits, thus their lightening of hair are very effective.

We already understand what is on your mind. It also has a 40 vol developer and how in this case would this differ from bleaching the hair. To bleach your hair you would use a bleach product along with a developer. But in this instance you’d be only using a developer. Hence this is not considered to be bleaching of hair; it is just lightening it. These type of dyes can be applied to any hair colour base, but it is possible for your hair to turn copper or orange if you have extremely dark hair like black (1), or dark brown (3) respectively. To prevent this unexpected copper or orange, you should first try out a chamomile shampoo, then proceed to use the lightening dye agent. However, if you have lighter to darker blonde, you should not face this issue.

How can you make it work?

It’s very easy. Simply apply the dye along a straight line starting at your root and ending at your hair ends. The number of lines that has been applied on the hair will determine the amount of stripes or ribbons you will end up with in hair as highlights.

Step by Step:

  • You should brush your hair to remove any knots.
  • Mix the dye with the develop and apply it to your locks in a straight line from hair root to tip. Keep a half-inch between each line.
  • Let it sit and wait for 20-45 mins, then rinse your hair and dry it.

The best recommendation is to leave half an inch of line to line spacing. But, if you like your highlights lines to be wider and space apart, you can leave 1-1.5inches as your preference. You could even place them closer together by leaving a quarter inch as your wish. After you rinse your hair, you will see stripes that are very similar to highlights.

Using of Chamomile Shampoo

Chamomile shampoo, a traditional old school of taught from the times of our grandmothers, is an excellent option for women who want to lighten their hair  all-over and evenly. As the main function is a shampoo, thus it can be used on the whole head of hair. It doesn’t cause any hair damage and contains  many formulas and nutrients such as coconut oil and argan oil that will help your hair grow and moisturized.

We have even known of women with dark hair and they used chamomile shampoo without the need to bleach their hair. This shampoo will help to lighten their hair and allows them to go blonde with the blonde hair dyes at later stage. It can also make your hair look lighter, silkier, easier to manage and more manageable. Just replace your regular shampoo by chamomile shampoo, and your hair will be lighter in 3-4 washings. Following this, your hair can be easily lightened by two shades in less than a month, without using any corrosive chemical.

Using of Pure Chamomile

Pure chamomile is a great option for women who are looking to lighten just a few hair areas or as money pieces to frame the face. It is quick and easy to use as well as you will be amazed at the instant results. The benefits of chamomile is that it is a natural lightener that does not contain any chemicals. Thus it will not cause your hair cuticles to break as it only results in hair colour fading. You can quickly lighten your hair by a couple of shades and it will be more effective if you lighten it along with the sun exposure.

Step by Step

Dabble the chamomile on a piece of cotton. Apply it to the selected regions of your hair you wish to lighten. Keep in mind that the chamomile is more effective when your hair is exposed directly to sunlight. Let it sit and wait for about 45-60 minutes. Rinse your hair then use your normal shampoo to wash it. The chamomile may cause your hair to be dry, hence it is well recommended for you to add a few drops to coconut oil to moisturize your hair.


First option is to use a super lightening dye to replicate babylights in your hair without having to bleach your hair. Next is chamomile shampoo will able to give you an all-over highlights on your hair without the need for you to bleach your hair. Lastly, pure chamomile it also effective to highlight just a few preferred hair areas without having to bleach the hair. Now you are familiar with the different alternate techniques you can use to achieve highlights without having your hair bleached. Which will you choose to imitate highlights?