Here’s What You Need to Know About the Lived-In Colour Trend

It is a trend when beauty bloggers and hairstylist professionals share so many photos with #livedin. What is lived-in? How does it look? And how can you achieve the popular hairstyle of your choice? We’ve seen sun-kissed highlights with the tortoiseshell balayage techniques, seamless AirTouch highlights as well as rainbow ombre using ombre technique over the past few months. The newest hair trend is ‘lived in’ colour. This subtle and longer-lasting way to highlight your hair will keep you out of the salon for six long months.

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You read that correctly, Johnny Ramirez, who created the lived-in colour trend, suggests that you will only be visiting salons twice a year if you get this service. Does it sound too good to be true? This is what you should know before you try this new colour trend.

This is the principle: coloured hair is created from your natural hair colour, or highlights of similar shades. It is done so subtly, delicately and deftly that there are no visible transitions. This may sound familiar, but the secret lies in the details. Lived-in is similar to naturally grown out colour – there is no regrowth and it tends to be more tousled, messy than tidy as well as it requires zero-to-minimal styling. It is all about achieving a naturalistic “worn-in” hair colour application by hand painting different shades of highlighting and colouring the entire head. This natural look is much more trendy today than a perfectly precise coloured mane. If this is the style that you like, then you should consider this colouration innovation. You don’t have to wait for the perfect look, but you can achieve it right away at the salon. Lived-in hair looks best when paired with loose waves, which are flat at the hairline but softly wavy in the lengths.

How the Lived In colour look works

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It’s a great idea to incorporate this natural hair colouring technique. It makes the hair look extremely natural with seamless gradient, even though it has been professionally done. For best results, it is a good idea to consult a professional hairdresser if you are not experienced. This technique can be complicated and complex. Although the process can take several hours, the finishing results tends to last much longer. You don’t need to colour your hair again until at least three to six months after the procedure. Imagine our excitement when we learned about the new trend for hair color that can be worn for so long. It is said to last 6 months. It’s not new. This lived-in hair trend is not balayage nor ombre, although it does bear some resemblance. Many online users insist that this is another type of ombre or balayage. However, it looks much more natural and subtle than the older trends, but polished.

It’s easy! Start by finding your natural hair colour. Many women find that their natural hair colour is not being represented by the various hair colour lightening and trends they have tried. However, this must be determined. The hairdresser has a great eye and can distinguish the original blonde or the brown hue. The best way to determine your natural hair colour is by looking at the hairline in the daylight. After determining the correct nuance, the hairdresser will dye the hairline with the mixed natural colour. Next, streaks of this hairline colour are applied to the lengths. For sophisticated highlights, you can add strands in lighter shades. The natural look of live-in colour is enhanced when the strands are different in length and width. This colouration technique is easy to use and your hair will be allowed to be grown out naturally. This is because your natural colour and any unwanted contrasts at the hairline can be avoided. The fine streaked style creates a trendy effect. It lasts for several months.

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Six appointments in one

It is not easy to achieve a natural, lived-in colour. You will need to first perform a subtle highlight for the full head of hair and then you hair colour will be lifted. Colour will then be applied directly to every strand. The colour will be blurred so that the colour gradient will appear naturally. Lastly, a fake root will also be created so that any new growth-out will be blended in naturally. Hence everything is a great work of art.

The process takes six hours, which is a full day at the salon. It also includes a series of colour services. It is not the best cost solution you might think. You are actually paying for six months worth of visits in one go. It is therefore comparable in cost.

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Hair still grows

Guess what? Your hair grows! Hair grows! It doesn’t matter if your hair is blended, there are no rules that will stop those sneaky greys growing through. It needs some maintenance to keep your hair shiny, healthy and moisturized.

Lived in colour is like ‘no makeup’ or make-up. It takes a lot of effort and work to make it look natural. Imagine getting a facial and having your makeup applied, then not following up with your skin care routine for six months? Do you think your skin will feel refreshed and look fresh?

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Dry ends and breakage

You can see that your hair is more stressed after a salon colour marathon, especially the ends that are more intensively coloured and lighter.

You can quickly feel and look like steel wool at the ends, which can lead to hair breakage, if you missed out the four to six week trimming. This can lead to a decrease in growth and/or a reduction in length maintenance.

Perhaps you have tried ombre, balance and all the rest. You should give lived-in a shot! This is the most popular style of streaking today, and it looks great on brunettes and blondes.

If you are considering investing and joining the ranks of celebrities and superstars with beautiful and stunning live-in hair colours, then you have to go the right place.

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