We are sure you’ve heard of the term “lowlights” in the past but what do they actually mean and their purpose? In order to create lowlights, the colourist will apply a colour that is a few shades darker than the base colour by using foil highlights or using balayage technique. Highlights and lowlights are created using similar techniques, with the only difference being just whether the coloured hair strands are lighter or darker than base colours.

To blend both highlights and lowlights is to create an illusion of dimension and contrast that results in a stunning colour transformation. Check out the complete lowlights vs highlights tutorial and the most effective examples of how you can enhance the colour of your hair with highlights and lowlights.

When is a Good Idea to Have Lowlights

There are many reasons why you might want hair lowlights. Sometimes, you’re trying to give more dimension to the highlights on your hair. In this situation, applying darker shades can make lighter highlights pop more. This is quite common in the modern-day dimensional colour that is very well sought-after in the present.

Check out this following image of blonde hair with no lowlights. It’s more solid looking and has less dimension and depth in it.

Here in the following, observe how the hair comes to life with addition of lowlights. The darker shade in comparison to lighter shades will make them appear brighter.

Another instance where a hair colourist may recommend getting lowlights would be to correct the colour of your hair after summer, in which your hair has become very brassy, orangey and light due to the sun. Lowlights can help eliminate some of the orange brass colours and give you an attractive natural appearance for your hair.

Additionally, women who regularly go for hair blonding and have had a series of blonde highlights may require to return to the dimension they had when they first began highlighting their hair. If that’s the scenario, then adding lowlights may help bring some natural hair colour back.

If you’re hairstyling your hair with lowlights, you may consider to have the curls or waves to your hair. This can make them look more stunning. If you’re wearing the hair in a straight style, your highlights and lowlights will not be as visible.

Check out the top looks using highlights and lowlights inspirations by us which you would like to try it out yourself!

#1: Brown Hair with highlights and lowlights

Balayage is intended to appear natural looking, just as your hair gets lighter in the summer sun. So adding lowlights to your hair will provide it with more of an extra dimension. This is a classic brown hair balayage , with highlights and lowlights.

#2: Brown Lowlights

Brunettes need to leave dimension to allow for a natural growth and lowlights can help to keep the natural look. This is a technique known as foilayage. It’s employed to imitate a Balayage by employing a traditional lightener and the use of teasing technique to achieve the light blonde. Lowlights are also added to help give the blonde a pop and make it more dimension.

#3: Caramel Lowlights

Caramel lowlights are an excellent choice for the autumn hair colouring. This is a blend of lowlights and highlights technique. You can also add an warm opulent brown lowlight or have your highlights tone down in the winter or fall to achieve this stunning caramel-coloured appearance.

4. Icy Blonde Highlights with Lowlights

Blondes can add lowlights in order to help blonde hair pop even more! This is also known as foilayage technique. The client who is naturally brunette may require several sessions to get these lighter results. If you’re naturally brunette and would like to appear blonde by adding lowlights and root shadowing will give you more depth, and will make the shade less frequent maintenance.

#5: Natural Redhead with Brighter Red Lowlights

redhead highlights and lowlights

The enhancement of natural red hair by adding highlights and lowlights can truly make their hair stand out. This model has beautiful natural auburn colour, however, sometimes , it is lacking in depth. The addition of brighter red lowlights together with golden blonde highlights can truly make it more intricate and vibrant.

#6 Burgundy Lowlights along with Copper Highlights

Burgundy Lowlights with Copper Highlights

Burgundy or copper hues are fantastic to wear in the fall! Combining the two colours of hair will make the brown hair come to life. This client is naturally brunette, but we added these gorgeous warm tones by using highlights and lowlights to enhance the natural olive skin tone.

#7: Lowlights to Add Depth to Blonde Hair

Making sure you have depth in your blonde hair is essential to help the blonde highlights shine and pop. Natural blondes who just want to lighten their hair, the term “lowlight” might sound scary. However, putting this depth and dimension to your hair will result in your blonde appearing lighter and not darker! Don’t worry about it!

#8: Ash Lowlights for Cool Hair Colour

The addition of a darker ash tone alongside a cool icy blonde can keep brunettes looking cooler. It’s crucial when you have your colourist add dimension to your hair and to maintain a cooler all-over appearance, removing any warmth that is possible. By adding cool-toned highlights as well as brown lowlights will aid in achieving this.

#9: High Contrast Face-Framing Highlights

high contrast money piece

You’ve probably heard the phrase “money piece” at some point, which is an intense heavier highlight that can be seen on the hairline of the women. One the most important sections for colourists for lowlight placement will be behind the face frame. This creates that dramatic flash of blonde pop in front.

#10: Lowlights for Gray Hair

Another option to utilize lowlights is to blend the gray hair. An effective way to hide gray is to use cool toned highlights as well as a lowlight that is similar to your natural colour. This style requires regular toning sessions. It is also possible to make use of your own purple shampoo for maintenance.

We hope these ideas have given you some helpful tips for changing your colour! Be aware that when you add lowlights or other colours it is crucial to utilize all of the products to maintain the hair colour as suggested by your colourists. Professional hair colours can only be guaranteed by using the correct products in your home.


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