Everybody wants a hair oil or serum that miraculously induce hair growth. However, the solution for hair growth may appear to be more straightforward. Research reveals that if we massage our hair scalps, we can undoubtedly stimulate our hair to grow. Based on research, if your scalp is massaged, your blood circulation is improved. This improved blood circulation, strengthens, lengthens, and thickens the hair. We shall be analyzing how massaging your hair scalp promotes hair growth. Additionally, we shall also elaborate on various head massages to use for this process.

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Credit: fittop.usStudies reveal that a regular scalp massage can increase the thickness of the hair. This is possibly because of the improvement in blood circulation or directly stimulating the dermal papilla cells.

Stress is one of the main reasons people experience hair fall. Stress causes severe hair damage and hair loss. When we pressure our hair’s dermal cells whenever we massage our scalps, we help relieve stress. This leads to the suggestion that this massage can reduce stress-induced hair loss.

A different study has proven that the hair’s massages could improve hair loss because of androgenic alopecia. When we massage the scalp, we may help unblock the hair’s pores, which may be full of debris build-up or dirt. Researchers have proven that scalp massage induces relaxation and supports hair growth.

When you massage the scalp by using the proper ingredients such as oil filled with nutrients, this can prevent the hair from damaging and offer protection to the hair. This will support its growth. A research performed in the Hong Kong University revealed that daily massaging of the hair scalp could thin down our scalp skin, free-up trapped surplus oil, and stimulate hair growth.

The benefits of massaging the scalp of the hair.

Research reveals that when we get the mentioned benefits if we massage our hair scalp.

• It improves the quality of the skin of the scalp.

• It improves the flow of blood to the follicles of the hair.

• It stimulates relaxation.

• It can minimize stress.

• It strengthens the roots of the hair.

When looking to massage your hair scalp, there are four different basic techniques that you can choose.


The various techniques used in scalp massaging.


The Tapotement Massage: the technique involves the use of the gentle stroking movement using the backside of the palm, fingertips, or hair massage tools to help improve the circulation of blood.

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Effleurage Massage: Put pressure on your hair scalp using your fingertips to induce the flow of blood.

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Petrissage Massage:  The technique includes rolling, pinching, and kneading using the fingertips to apply pressure. Whereas, this method can be used to cover more portions within a lesser time; these different motions can induce stress. If you use this technique, concentrate on the movement of the hand, and use regular movements rather than sudden movements.

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Vibration Massage: With this type of massage, you could either use a machine or the hands to induce vibrations around the scalp. This will help improve the flow of blood as well as nerve activity.

We can now get into understanding the various ways that the hair scalp can be massaged to induce hair growth.

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Techniques involved in massaging the hair scalp to induce hair growth.

1). Consult a professional

Expert spa massage therapists are meant to be trained on the proper techniques to massage the scalp of the hair. They are aware of the appropriate pressure points, and the force needed to be used on the hair scalp. This can be used to improve blood flow to the hair’s follicles and be used to relieve any possible pressure point within the hair scalp. Selecting a massaging technique from a professional can minimize hair loss and be used to induce hair growth. If we get a professional massage from an expert, this could be used to relieve and soothe tension and stress.

2). Using the standard mechanical massaging tool

One experiment carried out by some Japanese men revealed that the use of a mechanical tool for massage could enhance the thickness of the hair. Most studies carried out on the outputs of massages on the hair scalp focuses on the use of mechanical scalp massaging tools. The tools apply even and uniform pressure throughout the scalp to eliminate stress, dirt, and clogged pores.

3). Using the proper techniques used in massaging

When massaging your hair scalp with your hands, it is essential to use your fingertips instead of your nails. If the nails scratch your scalp, hair damage can result from this. When you knead your scalp, you warm it; this then opens up the blood vessels. Consequently, this action enhances the flow of blood and general circulation. Increased blood circulation allows the hair’s follicles to get extra nutrients that are used to induce the growth of hair. When we rub our hair scalp, we induce relaxation and decrease stress. This results in the falling of the hair.

4). Massage the Scalp everyday

Studies have revealed that the density and the thickness of the scalp can be enhanced by a daily massaging of the hair scalp. Two studies show that if we massage our scalp daily, it improves the flow of blood or directly stimulates the dermal cells. This supports to the thickness of the hair. The following few ideas will come in handy:

  • To minimize dandruff’s appearance, massage the hair scalp by using fenugreek, neem, and lemon.
  • Egg can also be used for Scalp massaging while adding more protein to your hair.
  • When you use oils such as almond oil and castor oil, you enhance the hair’s luster while treating the hair’s dry scalp.
  • You can massage your hair scalp by using argan oil to help add more shine to the hair.
  • To enhance your hair growth, you can apply peppermint oil.
  • You can apply to the hair to help reduce dandruff and soothe your hair scalp.

Your hair scalp can also be massaged while the hair is getting conditioned and shampooed. This is used to help remove impurity from your hair and scalp. Furthermore, it also enables the conditioner and shampoo’s ingredients to work on your hair properly.

5). Massaging your scalp by using oil

When you use oil to massage your hair scalp, you nourish your hair scalp and increase the length and thickness. The oil can be used to condition the scalp’s condition by replenishing the hair. A recent study revealed that when we use coconut oil on the hair scalp, this can penetrate the cortex of the hair and nourish our hair from inside. Furthermore, it can improve the hair’s length and thickness and help protect our hair from getting damaged by ultraviolet rays. Oil helps reduce the loss of protein in both the undamaged and damaged hair. When you massage the scalp of the hair using these oils, nutrients are added to the hair. It further helps to protect the hair while repairing any damage to the hair.

6). Using hot oil to massage your hair scalp

A recent study revealed that coconut, sunflower oils, and olive could penetrate the strands of the hair and help nourish these strands. Furthermore, the oils can be used to induce the growth of the hair.

7). Aromatherapy

When we massage our scalp with essential oils, we can help in the reduction of alopecia. With this analysis, lavender, rosemary, thyme, and cedarwood essential oils get blended with grapeseed and jojoba oils. This mixture is then massaged on the scalps of the active participants of the analysis. The outcome of the experiment: minimized hair loss and enhance hair growth. This study demonstrates that aromatherapy is a useful technique for scalp massage to stimulate hair growth.

People who wish to get the full benefits of hair scalp massage should know the proper technique of executing this.

The proper technique to use for massaging your hair scalp.

Sit comfortably and in the proper relaxing position. When you sit, you become so focused to massage the hair scalp without getting the body tired thoroughly.

Ensure that the body is kept loose without any pressure on the neck and the shoulder.

Put a towel across the neck to prevent your clothes from getting stained by oil.

Slightly heat the oil before you use it. This process will open up the pores around the scalp, allowing the oil to get right into the roots of the hair.

When you use essential oils, use this along with the carrier oil. Perform the patch test to make sure that your body does not react adversely to these essential oils.

When massaging the scalp of your hair, use your fingers and not your nails.

Apply slight to medium physical pressure with a circular directional motion.

Make a movement using your fingers all around the scalp in little circular motions.

Massage the hair scalp for a period of about five to ten minutes.

Leave the oil up until you wash out your head.

Besides, the improvement of the hair, when you massage your scalp, this benefits your health. The following shows you several ways how you can use the scalp massage to improve your general health.

Further health benefits for massaging the scalp

Based on a recently published research from the American Journal for Public Health, massaging therapy can minimize the incidence of tension problems. If you get a physical head massage to induce the hair’s growth, you will get relief from sinus problems and headaches.

A study from 2016 reve1led that massaging the hair scalp can minimize the diastolic and systolic blood pressure among women. It also relieves stress.

It energizes you and makes you more active.

Do you ever wonder why you tend to fall asleep after getting properly massaged? When you get a good massage, you are relieved of stress. Therefore, you become pretty sleepy.


Whereas massaging the scalp does not prevent you from losing your hair, it can enhance the growth of your hair. You can apply any type of technique used above to help you in massaging your scalp. Whereas, if the rate at which your hair falls off increases, you should ensure to contact your doctor. He should be able to determine the underlying problem, which results in the hair loss.