Is Mullet hair style the latest trend?

The Mullet hair style revolves around having the lower section of the back of the head having hair that is longer than the hair on the rest of the head. The Mullet hair style is informally referred to as business in the front, party in the back, and the Mullet became wildly popular in the ’80s with the advent of rock & roll into the mainstream.


Hair length category

Medium, long


Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair, coiled hair (i.e. curly hair)


Mullet Haircut Techniques

The Mullet hair style only requires a haircut that has the hair on the lower section of the back being longer than the rest of the hair on the scalp. The lower section of the back is the area that covers from the hairline of the nape to 3 inches up on the back of the head (so from about ear level down to the nape); this is the area that confines the Mullet and where the hair will be sported longer.

To sport a Mullet, the top of your head should be anywhere from 2 to 6 inches while the sides should be tapered to 0.5 inches. The back should be the same length as the top of the head except for the aforementioned lower section spanning the area 3 inches up from the nape. It is in this specific lower section of the back that the hair should be at least 4 inches longer than the length that is sported on the top of the head. For example, if you decide to get a haircut that has you with 2 inches on the top of the head, then the lower section of the back should be at least 6 inches long (2+4).

By having such a drastic hair-length discrepancy for the Mullet (4+ inches from the length on top of the head), the hair on the lower section of the back can then stand out, which is the point of the Mullet hairstyle. Furthermore, the Mullet need not encompass the whole 3 inches of the lower section of the back; the Mullet can be sported instead in an area smaller than the 3 inches up from the nape that has been mentioned earlier. It boils down to your preference, and some men prefer more scalp area for their Mullets while other men prefer a smaller area.


Haircut difficulty

3 out of 5


How to style a Mullet

To style the Mullet itself, you have plenty of options available. You can flare the Mullet, tie it into a ponytail or use some hair gel to narrow it so it looks like a tail. The rest of the head can be styled as you desire although a suiting hairstyle that goes well with the Mullet is slicking back the hair on the top of the head with your fingers and hair mousse while concomitantly blow-drying the hair that you are slicking back. Then, work on the Mullet by flaring it with your fingers and also blow-drying it to achieve even more volume; such method was popular in the ’80s to provide a big-hair effect with a very noticeable Mullet.

You can use hair gel, hair mousse, wax, pomade and even hair spray (as the finishing touch to secure the Mullet in place). Just get creative with the Mullet, the most important factor to sport a cool Mullet is getting the hair-length discrepancy right (remember, the Mullet should be 4 inches longer than the rest of the hair). Lastly, you can also straighten the hair on the Mullet if you don’t have straight hair.

Styling difficulty

3 out of 5

Which male celebrity has sported a cool Mullet hair style?

Country-music sincer Billy Ray Cyrus is known for sporting a Mullet hair style.



The Mullet haircut and hair style

As you’ve been able to read, the Mullet is a bit of an extreme haircut and hair style that is not that difficult to get if you put your mind to it. Certainly, the Mullet as a hair style faded away with the ’80s but who says that you yourself can’t get the Mullet trending again among men? If you really want to get your hair wild, then certainly get yourself a Mullet pronto!