If hair colour becomes a chore and stops being fun, it may be time to change. Autumn is a season for transition, when we feel the need to shed our skin and start fresh. A few drops of apple cider blonde can help. Balayage is a great option for those who don’t like the idea of having to make root touch-up appointments and want something less stressful. This is a technique that applies hair colour by hand, sprinkling colour throughout the hair. It creates a multi-dimensional look that blends in with the natural hair.

Low maintenance is the key of the game and has an edge on the competition—which is why many women prefer to get a color fix that will last them through the seasons. To update your fall look, we’ve collected the top balayage colours, including caramel brunette, frosty blonde and pumpkin spice red.

Metallic Bronze Melt

You can brighten up a brunette’s base colour well into the fall by adding some golden caramel balayage to roots and tips. Just make sure you request a colour melt or shadow root to keep it low-maintenance.

Cidar Blonde Balayage

A little touch of rosy blonde-red can brighten up brunettes ahead of apple cider season. Request for alluring strawberry copper brown or rose gold balayage all over.

Baby Blonde Balayage

This warm-toned, summery take on light biege blonde is a great choice for beach blonde. It feels light enough to wear in the upcoming autumn and winter.

Balayaged Money Piece

If in doubt, you can lighten that money piece. This is the strand closest to your face that beautifully frame your face. Ask your stylist to add a subtle ribbons of colour around your face.

Pumpkin Spice Balayage

Have you ever seen someone order a pumpkin spice latté? This combination of mocha brown and burgundy, ginger, strawberry blonde is the perfect autumn hair colour.

Iced Mocha Balayage

With a few strategically placed blonde balayage streaks, even the darkest brunette hair colour can be paired with lighter blonde shades. This baby blonde is focused around the face areas.

Marbled Blonde Balayage

You can keep your blonde hair blonder if you are somewhere between brunette or blonde. However, larger strands of blonde balyage will help to maintain the colour without needing to go to the salon for frequent touch-ups.

Toffee Colour Melt

This caramel toffee colour balayage is a versatile shade that can be worn from autumn through the new year. It is a warm and very flattering shade.

Campfire Red Balayage

This fiery colour is all about ginger, spice, and all things nice for redheads (or wannabes) this fall.

Golden Hour Blonde

curly hair salon Singapore

A subtle update to any base colour can be by just simply adding a sunlit glow. This is what stylist did with this look, which was paired with golden-tinged curls.

Balayaged Burgundy Brunette

A little touch of merlot for the m’lady. This burgundy-red colour is perfect and a certified dreamy for sweaty weather. It looks great on top of dark brunette hair that easily stand out in the crowd.

Frosted Blonde Balayage

In anticipation of colder weather, go extra icy that just occur to pop on a darker brunette base.

Auburn Colour Melt

It’s tempting for any naturally warm-toned brunette, such as chocolate, chestnut and auburn gals, to get even warmer with red-blonde and amber balayage. This is the temptation we should give in to.

Multi-Dimensional Mocha Balayage

Minimalists do not require to choose a bold colour to take advantage of balayage. To add dimension which will last for months, you can request a shade that is just one shade lighter or darker than your base.

Bronde Balayage

Balayage is an option for anyone who prefers a seamless approach to hair colouring but still wants something less maintenance than traditional highlights. Ask for a root smudge, balayaged babylights on a hair base that is not more than two to three shades lighter than your base.


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