Do you like the idea of having on curls, but you don’t fancy the styling regimen that comes with it?

Curling as well as styling, doesn’t just take a lot of time, but can also cause damages to the hair, most especially in the summer during which the hair locks get abnormally exposed to a lot of sunlight as well as salt. However, you can still achieve these curls without applying heat on your hair for a very long with styling that goes without any heating.

These how to methods stated below which have been used and confirmed will achieve the bouncy as well as flowing hair curls you so much dream of having-without using a heat emitting tool.


Trying on Curls for headband

The most easy as well as most pleasant way of getting pretty curls that are loose why putting on a head band! This is an awesome technique due to the fact that nothing else is needed apart from a headband that is soft. Put on the headband, then have your hair divided in just two sections, Twirl and at the same time wrap the hair round the back part of your headband. For hairs that are damp, this is the best method-you can even go to bed with it – However, it can as well work while having on a dry hair sprayed with a little quantity of hair styling chemical.


The “Twist it and clip it” technique.

Some of the time, you can get creative with the method of twisting and clipping. For this method, roughly about 4-10 numbers of clips will be needed. Sections should be twisted tightly and held in place with the use of a pin or a clip, which creates mini buns that “Scary Spice” would be proud of.


Using the “Paper Towel Waves” Technique

Sure enough, this particular method might be strange, however, it works really well, especially if you crave having on some waves. Have your hair divided in sections of four, and you can then have a towel made of paper material twisted in each section. The towel made of paper material is used because it reduces creasing of the hair and creates wave that are fully loose and softer.


 All about the Braids Technique

Old school fashion braids are like one of the most traditional methods to get your waves heated with the application of heat.

French braids can be practically useful in the scenario due to the fact that you can have your hair braided one day, take it to bed and then the next day, take the braids out for the waves.


Using theBun Curls Technique

In case you are thinking of having your hair held back in a subtle low pony alongside a scrunchie will be practical. This can also make your hairstyle look chic when it gets, it is perfectly practical for a hairstyle type that is dry – and – go in the day time as well as having curls that are pretty at night.


The Soft Foam Roller Technique

If you plan having curl that are tight, these foam rollers that are comfy in addition to being soft should be dried.

They really work pretty much on hair texture that is natural, however, they also work pretty well with all types of hair if you are thinking of having curls that are super curly.

Trying to know what type of bangs would make you look good? HERE are great clues in finding the suitable bangs that matches the shape of your face.


7 Simple Approaches to changing the design of your hair

It could be something of joy to change your hair style every so often. But switching up your hairstyle is always cutting it short or changing the colour completely by dyeing. A change that could go a long way could be as basic as changing the parts on your hair or having texture added to your locks. Taking that into consideration, we have listed seven simple approaches to changing the design on your hair.


Trying on Soft Layers.

Having layers added to the styling on your hair could seem like it needs a lot of time and effort, however, opting for the ones that are soft is a perfect approach to switching up things without entirely changing your hair. If you don’t think that you are ready to spend time and effort for a layered look that is full-on, notify your hairstylist (its great if you let the professionals handle this one) to make sure the layers are all over your face are softened. For people who have thick hair, this simple touch up will make your hairstyle light as well as providing a frame for your face.


Try Growing out your bangs

If you don’t want to continue wrangling the bangs in your hair every morning, then you can decide to let them grow out. Though, it may seem unattractive for some days, but this simple change is an easy method to modify your look using little effort. Alternatively, if you have no bangs in your hair you can as well have them. It may surprise you to know how you can change your total look with just a short quick tweak.


Try changing up the parts in your hair

Talking about simple tweaks that impact your hair effectively, experimenting with the part on your hair is the best method, if you want a new design that needs no time and effort at all. Are you crazy about centre parts? Try separating your hair to both sides for a new look. Or if you are someone who is more adventurous, you can decide to have a zig-zag part or a part that is deep sided. There are loads of options for hair parts that you can select and each part will definitely impact your look, therefore you can start experimenting with the parts and enjoy yourself with it!


Try adding accessories to your hair

It is not a bad thing to have your hair packed back in the style of a pony tail or wearing it half way up with a clip or wearing it half way down, but other less noticeable changes that can be done to the accessories on your hair, that can as well take your hair style to a new level are available. If you feel preppy, you can go for the headband just like Blair Waldorf, and in case you want something that looks whimsical, you can opt for the flower crown or try on butterfly clips.


Try putting on a Faux Bob

Looking to cut your hair short but you are unsure if you are ready for it? You can actually play safe by opting for the faux bob. The hairstyle which is currently in vogue, has seen an increase in popularity lately, usually is all about clipping the hair in a manner that it appears your hair is short, not long. The greatest and simplest aspect of it, is that you do not require any scissors.


Trying on Clip-ins

Having on extensions or clip-ins are a simple way of trying on various hairstyles (Or Colours) without having to do any change that is permanent. Clip-ins are available in the market that can lengthen your hair, increase their thickness, make them layered as well as highlighted, so you can enjoy experimenting with these options.

Adding texture to your hair

Use products that are suitable so as to add texture to your hair. It could be trendy design that falls into everything from the beach waves to the fashionably current wet hair design which Kendall Jenner as well as Shay Mitchell have had in recent times. Alternatively, if you do have textured hair, you can change it up by opting for a style that is straight as well as sleek.