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Cost of Hair Highlights in Hair Salon Singapore

In Singapore, nationally, the typical cost the average price for full head highlights range from anything between $100 (short) to $300 (long). The price largely depends on the salon, length of hair, the experience and level of colourists, and the number of foils used – it’s partial or full head highlights, the highlights technique – balayage, foils or ombre. Obviously, simple fashions are normally more economical, whilst now’s more-complex and higher level fashion techniques like Balayage, Babylights or even Ombre highlighting all need to cost $200 to $250 or more.

National Average Range Cost $100 (short) to $300 (long)
Minimum Cost $70
Maximum Cost $490
Range $70 to $490


A great stylist will talk with you on colours that best suit your normal hair colour so you know very well what type of results to expect after you obtain newly applied high-lights. They will be able to let you choose colours that enhance your complexion and also brighten up your facial appearance. Most will suggest never to select shades lighter than your normal shade if you don’t intend on dyeing all of your hair entirely for an even more revolutionary transformation.

Average Hair Highlights Prices

The typical costs to highlighting and colouring short hair will be $50 to $ 110, although long hair beyond your shoulders will probably cost $150 to $300 or longer. If you should be highlighting you hair with more than 1 colour, there will be an additional $30 to $60 for every shade of toner used.


For low-budget hair salon chains, they could manage to market lower hair colour and highlights costs as they are employing cheaper hair dyes and hair care solutions. High end salons feature a lot more kinds of hair treatments, colouring technique options, and also many exclusive haircare solutions and products. Besides, they could supply you with better, reliable and credible information on what’s going to look better for you. For all these factors, you will pay more for the increased expertise. Listed below are typical highlights costs for your normal low to mid range salon business:

Service Average Cost
Highlights (Partial, Short to Long) $70 – $170
Highlights (Full, Short to Long) $100 – $300
Full Highlights (Short Hair) $120 – $200
Full Highlights (Long Hair) $150 – $300
Hair Colouring (Short to Long) $100 – $300
Additional Colour $30 – $60


Professional Hair Colouring Cost

Professional hair colouring average price range from $100 (short) to $300 (long) with toner costing about $30 to $60 per each additional shade of colour used. Salon prices vary substantially based upon where you are and also the credentials of this stylist and the cost of hair colour and highlights can surprise you.


Partial-head Highlights Cost

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Partial highlights typical price approximately $70 (short ) to $170 (long) to get upto 12 foils of high lights. If you want only 4 foils for accent the “money piece” hair technique that will beautifully frame your face, then it’s about $30 to $50. Getting partial highlights can be a substantial first step in the event you are worried about the way your high lights will probably appear. They are more affordable than full-head high lights, and also you may always return and have your hairdresser change it easily or do all of your hair this way if you decide you really like it.


Full-head Highlights Cost

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A full head highlights typical price everywhere from $100 (short) to $300 (long) if the colourist utilizes over 12 foils to produce a “dimensional” colouring across all of your tresses. To figure your entire full highlights cost, you could require the salon should they bill by the number of foils they utilize till finishing your appearance.


Price of Highlights for Short Hair versus Long Hair

In Singapore, the average cost of full head highlights for short hair range between $120 to $200 since it will take much less time and energy to create and not as much dyeing solutions. People who have long hair which is well defined by hair length past their shoulders may get to spend approximately $150 to $300 or more on full-head highlights, specially for a deal that normally comprises a haircut too. Of course the average costs has taken into consideration from salon to salon. Stylists bill more for highlighting longer hair simply because they must make use of more dye products and also spend more hours for you to provide you with the design you would like.


How Much Do Highlights Cost At A Salon?

Normally, low to mid range hair salons probably cost about $50 to $100 to get partial highlights or $110 to $190 for full head highlights, which are performed the traditional manner with foils. Those highly rated upscale salons will typically cost between $200 to $490 for their hair colouring and highlighting.

Salon Average Cost
Low to Mid-Range Salon $50 – $190
High-End Salon $200 – $490


Hair Colouring Prices In High-End Salons

Among the Singapore’s few of the highly-rated salons, the subtle but intensive colouring technique for fine hair known as “babylights” can easily cost anywhere from $300 to $490.  That is because it will take a whole lot longer for you to divide the hair into delicate strands such a manner that the highlights absolutely blend allover with your normal hair colour, just like an baby’s hair after having a day outside from sunlight.


Balayage HighLights Price

Balayage kind of hair highlights are originated from French using the concept of free-hand colouring on larger segments of hair without even needing foils. Balayage costs for shade treatment starts at $70 and gains according to what you would like. For light or silver lavender tones, then it could be $110 or more.


Which Exactly Are Balayage Highlights?

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The Objective of Balayage would be to create the perfect appearance to seem as though sunlight lightened your own hair naturally. This advanced technique permits the stylist to mix the lighter shades in to your normal hair tone easily. For Balayage, you may not observe a harsh line between your darker tones along with your lighter hair shade. This process provides the hair-stylist more freedom to personalize your appearance. Still, it requires a very experience colourist to ensure the Balayage finishing turnout well as it’s really a more trendy and advanced technique which demands intuition born of experience.


Balayage Highlights on Dark Hair

Remember that in the event that you have some very dark all-natural hair color, That you will require bleaching or alternative lightning remedies before you are able to enjoy the complete effect of Balayage. Because of this, it could become significantly more costly than other colouring techniques. Still, it leaves one with an all natural appearance that develops out gorgeously considering that the highlighting of Balayage doesn’t start right at the crown of your head. For this reason, you’re able to prevent frequent returning to the salon for touch-ups while the own hair grows out.


Balayage versus Highlights Prices

When you benchmark the average Balayage versus. Highlights price in Singapore, you will observe that the Balayage prices is averaging from $200 to $400, which is about 1.5 times as much as the basic highlights. However, it is still not the most expensive technique. For example, Ombre or even Sombre colour technique will begin at $250 and can certainly be more expensive.


The fundamental reason is Ombre colouring is much more work and often used more hair dyes compared to Balayage to attain the stunning two-toned appearance of darker roots gradually getting lighter when progressing towards the tips or end of one’s hair. For majority of us, you must bleach the bottom 1 / 2 of your hair initially to help enable the gradual development of colour pop out in the ends of your hair.


Pintura Highlights Cost

Pintura Highlights signifies a specialized Brazilian highlighting technical procedure which is effective for natural curly hair. You can expect to spend between $200 to $300 or more for the hand-painted Pintura colouring technique.


Which Exactly Are Pintura Highlights?

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Brazilian Hair-stylist Dennis Da Silva named this highlighting technique he invented as “Pintura” since this means “painting” in Portuguese, which is his mother tongue. The idea is utilizing the dye at just the ideal region to highlight the hair’s natural curls and coils.


The stylist accomplishes that by employing the hair dye with hands without utilizing any foils. Rather than emphasizing the hair roots, they employ more shade at the ends of their hair, and they then apply the shade up from the hair ends or tips.


Even the Pintura technique adds much more color to the hair tips compared to you normally see from the Balayage effect. This technique is much similar to reverse balayage technique which “work from the bottom”. They colour your curls specifically target at the areas where the light naturally strikes your own hair. You will observe some colourists using subtle accents which enhance your natural shade, or else they might select longer revolutionary colors such as pink or bright-blonde tones.


Highlights versus Lowlights

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Lowlights really are a terrific way to put in a three-dimensional or multi tonal appearance to your own hair by colouring portions of one’s hair a few shades darker than your natural hair colour. At a full scale hair salon, obtaining a multi-tone hair contouring service begins at $200 or even more.


What is The Difference Between Highlights and Lowlights?

Lowlights add depth to your own hair. They will appear great on all kinds of hair irrespective of length. People today love the way in which how lowlights improve the movement of one’s hair, while it’s straight, curly or wavy. You may already know that a many hair-stylists tend to utilize a combo of highlights and lowlights together to enhance your final appearance. This combo technique is particularly common for darker hair colours.


When you have already highlighted your hair several times, adding fresh lowlights is a classy and creative solution to have your original hair colour back in your hair concept. Individuals who want an even far more natural-looking hair-style may possibly prefer low-lights because it won’t create your lighter shades of hair look overly glowing. Still another reason you may like to consider low-lights as an alternative of high lights is that low-lights look better as time progress when your hair is growing out eventually. Stylists usually darken the bottom layers of the hair in order for them to merge well with the others of one’s hairstyle.


Average Price of highlights and Lowlights

Finding a textured appearance by incorporating highlights and lowlights to your own hair is a favourite fashion and style. Expect to pay for prices starting at $110 to more than $400 because you add various shades of colour for your own hair. Additionally, it provides the look of enhanced volume, however you’ll require to pay for more to get it.


How to Spend Less on Highlights

1. Bear in mind that when obtaining highlights, you may have more choices than you actually thought.

2. Get your cash’s worth using a package deal: For most cases, your total hair highlights price will probably be much cheaper as compared with an individual scheduled appointment for hair colouring, a haircut, as well as hair conditioning and treatment all package at the same session.

3. Prep your own hair at home prior to visiting the salon: Your scalp may be able to withstand hair colouring processes better if you wash your hair 2 to 3 days before the highlights service.

4. The colourists will only insist on shampooing your hair prior to colouring only when your hair is dirty or there is too much residue buildup of hairstyling products such as gel, wax, spray or mousse. Should you come in dry hair without residue buildup, then you definitely may not need to tip the personnel who shampoo your hair because it isn’t needed. Plus, brushing and detangling your hair conserves a great deal of time for both you along with the stylist.

5. Booking a junior stylist can help you to save more: The most-experienced hair-stylists will always cost more as they are certainly more skilful, knowledgeable and experts in various techniques. But you can often take advantage of a lower hair highlights price but still gain a fantastic brand new hairstyle by booking one of these in-shop apprentices. These apprentices may have already received great in-house training from the experience and skilful senior hair colourists.

6. Fight the impulse to purchase hair products at the salon: Salons tend to mark up the prices of their hair products prices to generate a marginal profit because they have provided the necessary hair products education and the hair products brands are also mend for professional usage to target the specific hair issues. Rather than purchasing hair styling products at the salon, you may also purchase cheaper products of similar ingredients in the local hair supply shop or drugstore.