ash blonde vs beige blonde

Beige blonde is the best choice for those with pale skin. Ash blonde is for those people with light-eyed and warm skin colour.

Ash blonde looks great with any highlighting job and all kind of hair colours. While beige blonde works well with blonde tones highlights.

Ash blonde hair colour is a cool and versatile blonde. Why? Because of its neutrality and ability to blend with dark roots, this shade is very flattering. This most versatile of flaxen colours can flatter any kind of skin, regardless of whether you want to create a dusky platinum mane and a bronze with a hint or silver-grey.

Beige blonde needs maintenance every month. Undesired coppery tones can be very evident when it fades. The maintenance for ash blonde is less often as toning shampoos are available for ash blonde. However, intensive nourishing treatments for ash blonde hair will be required more often.

Ash Blonde

You might be wrong if you think that beige is boring. The beige blonde hair colour is bright, vibrant, and shows-stopping from the root to the tip. This soft-focus colour looks amazing in winter when the cooler lighting enhances it’s dreamy radiance and casts a light-reflective sheen, making beige the blonde season. This is what you need to know about the trendy colour.

You are familiar with the colour beige. You can layer it with the warmth of blonde to get a shiny, glowing tone that is sometimes warm, but mostly cool. This is the definition of expensive-looking hair. It reminds you of the most luxurious cashmere and the finest silk. You can achieve the perfect blend of vanilla, sandy, and ivory by creating a beige-blonde.

Beige Blonde


They seem like they are two enemies on opposite ends of the spectrum.

But that is not true. This is not boxing as there is no rivalry.

Both beige and ash brown are excellent choices.

You’ll have to think about a few things before you decide on one. Want to find out what they are?

The base on which you will apply the shade.

What you want

You can also do technical work such as hair highlights

Above all, the amount of maintenance and care you’re willing to give it.

Do you feel like it is time for a hair change?

Do you need to have your colour touched up and would you like to be ash or beige blonde?

You are on the right path. Both shades fall within the blonde range.

It is easy to choose the right tone for you by considering certain details.

Beige Blonde

Difference 1:

If your skin is pale, your best option is beige blonde. If you have dark eyes and a warm complexion, you can go for ash blonde.

The beige blonde is considered to be a warm tone. Because it is in the range between light tobacco and sand, it allows for many combinations. It can highlight the best features of pale skin.

This shade can be used to express elegance and formality. Because of its neutral and soft tones, it is associated with spirituality and balance.

Ash blonde is the best option if you have skin that is more olive-toned. This option is great for people with blue eyes or green eyes because it will highlight your luminosity.

Beige Blonde

Difference 2:

If you want to boldly mix the highlights and new tone, choose ash blonde. This will allow you to experiment with silver highlights or violet highlights. If you prefer a classic look, beige blonde having blonde highlights would be the best option.

Beige blonde, a warm shade that can be paired with many other colours, is extremely versatile. It looks great with blonde highlights.

Ash blonde is the best choice if you’re looking to add some highlights to fantasy colours.

Ash blonde looks great with all types of highlights, from violet to blue tones, and any shade in between. It also works well with silver or gray highlights of all lengths.

Ash blonde is undoubtedly the season’s favorite colour. It was unexpectedly prominent together with grays and whites. And it seems it is here to stay.

Its versatility has made it a favorite of celebrities all over the globe. Ash blonde is the best choice if you are looking for a bold change.

Ash Blonde

Difference 3:

Beige blonde is more difficult to maintain than ash blonde.

Beige blonde which is of a yellowish-brown background has a tendency to become coppery when they are paired with brown bases. They then turn orangey beige which may not be what you want. Let’s not forget about what occurs when hair dye fades. Your hair will suddenly become coppery.

What will occur if you choose a beige blonde with highlights?

The highlight and base colours contrast will disappear. Your colour will then appear uniform and even.

You have one option to prevent this: strict maintenance. If you’re not a professional colourist, you should visit the salon at least once per month.

The ash blonde is located in the opposite corner. It can have either green or blue pigments as hair base which depends on the manufacturer. It is also known as the anti-reddish standard.

Ash Blonde

What does this mean?

The ash shade can be used to neutralize orange-coloured hair to become gorgeous neutral browns.

It’s not all the good news. Ash blonde is a cooler shade that contains blue and green pigments. It should be applied with great care to blonde hair.

This is especially important if your hair has been bleached. Your hair will be very porous. Because your hair is porous, the pigments can take on an intense form, making it bluish-greenish.

What can you do?

To avoid oversaturation of the pigments, moisturize your hair well enough and use these tones in combination with other base tones.

You should also consider products that retain brightness if you want to highlight your hair. If you do not maintain your ash blonde properly, it will turn into a dull and artificial-looking mink tone.


Before deciding whether to go ash or beige, it is important to know the colour of your skin.

If you have pale skin and you prefer blonde highlights then beige blonde is perfect for you.

Ash blonde is a great option if you are looking to highlight your blue or green eyes and go for fantasy colours.

As usual, we always recommend that you visit your trusted colourists. You can tell your stylist what your hair goals are by showing photos.

Do it! Courage is the key to success.

If you are considering investing and joining the ranks of celebrities and superstars with beautiful and healthy icy or platinum hair colours, then you have go to the right place.

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