Fall is going to be here, so say goodbye to bronzed skin and beach blondes. We look forward to enjoying every minute of fall as it is the season of touch downs and turkey gravy. After a summer filled with bright shades and cayenne red hair, we are craving a refresh in hair color. It’s time for a warm, pumpkin spice latte, not just a warm summer. We are so in love with muted copper, which we believe will be the “It” fall color. It can be both warm and cool, poignant and soft all at once as well as everything you wish it to be. The trend is being adopted by brunettes and blondes alike, who are infused with rich copper, liquid golden, and deep rust. What is the end result? A soft, muffled, soft and ethereal muted copper. You might be wondering if you are capable of pulling off red hair. This fall’s hair color trend is a great inspiration to get into red.

Faded Copper

Watch the winner is most likely to be a natural redhead. We’re laughing at this joke, however, because this beauty transformed from a brunette with blonde highlights to a stunning shade of faded rust after just one visit to the hair colorist.


Muted Rust

This ultra-muted shade of rust is for those who wish to be bold but not too loud. This shade is great for bringing out the beauty of fair skin and your eyes. It’s also great for lighter colors during winter.


Gilded Copper

​Although this mane is a great looking one, it has enough strawberry and gold highlights to make it look less red. This is the middle ground between bright copper and strawberry blonde.


Strawberry Bronde

strawberry bronde balayage

You can tune up a bronde base, with copper mid-lights, and golden strawberry highlights. This blend feels like an early autumn evening on a breezy day, and we are just about ready for the bonfire.


Golden Copper Balayage

This rich red-brown base is accompanied by hearty sides of rich copper and ginger. It’s multi-dimensional enough for everyone to enjoy. Redhead? Blonde? Brunette? They don’t know and we don’t care.


Ginger Melt

ginger balayage
This soft red ala is striking and not too bright. The dark shadow roots entails a natural grow out and will require little maintenance. The rich copper and spicy ginger shades will keep it looking vibrant enough to make an autumn fun.


Strawberry Blonde Balayage

strawberry balayage
What happens if you are unable to decide whether to embrace a blonde or go full red? These are the sun-kissed strands. This shade will look great on someone with pink undertones, such as the one shown here, having no issue to pull of this shade.


Spiced copper

We suddenly feel the need for pumpkin spice latte. For that craving, we can thank our lived-in color expert. For those with tan or olive skin tone, you can just heat up some chocolate with soft copper and golden caramel shades. It’s warm, cozy and ready to go for tailgate season.


Melted Copper

balayage singapore
You can brighten up a copper base with touches of honey or gold. This beautiful color melt makes us melt with its fiery personality.


Rusty Brown

Brown-haired women are more likely to run for the hills when they hear “red.” This is because chemically dyed brunettes can read as “brass.” However, it’s important to embrace warm tones, such as this toasty copper red. Please be reminded this is the only essential tone that connects to the darkest level with the lightest.


Royal Rust

It is soft, muffled and somewhat Rembrandt-like. The barely-there rust and copper balayage turn the volume down making it ideal for brunettes with fair skin who are looking for a subtle pick me up.


Copper Sombre

copper balayage 111
This trend is easy to rock even for brunettes with low maintenance. You can make this trend by using an ash brown base and completing the look with a golden copper finish. It is the perfect combination of cool and warm.