cindy crawford blowout

Cindy Crawford Blowout in 1993. Credit: Pinterest

The defining look of the latter phase of past decade was all about not trying. After the ’90s blowout craze and the “more is more” era in the early part of the 2010s were all about barely-there beauty. Think “no makeup” glossies and Olsen-influenced beach wavy hair. After a year with very few reasons to be glamorous, all the glamour is back.

Hairstyles that are bouncy and polished blowout vibes in the ’90s are back in fashion. Think Cindy Crawford’s, Christy Turlington’s, and Cher’s hair in Clueless. This hairstyle is not afraid to be “done”. In fact, it begs for the world to recognize the effort, time and skill that went into it. This hairstyle is classic and elegant. It has a “rich bitch” feel that is a refreshing change from the half-hazard clips and greasy ponytails we have relied on the past year.

Everything from the ’90s has returned, including hairstyles, makeup, accessories, and hairstyles that entails that all the 90s blowout styles will be the next trend. TikTok has tons of tutorials that show you how to achieve the perfect hairstyle using hot rollers or hair-dryer brush. While the ’90s blowout style is still the most popular, the tutorial featuring Farah Fawcett for creating a ’70s hairstyle has become a viral sensation on Twitter. It’s clear that big hair is back, and it’s better than ever.

While prom hairstyles like braided tendrils were popular last year, the ’90s and early aughts are popular trends for these past many weeks. But it is more toward embracing the youthful energy and glimmering in the time. This post-pandemic trend of putting the emphasis and focus on polish feels seems to be a distinct one. It’s also a great way to showcase the curtain hair bangs from your first salon visit in this particular pandemic year.
We are seeing that many of our clients are now enjoying the longest and healthiest hair ever after coming out of quarantine. COVID allowed people to relax and take good care of their hair by airdrying it without heat and using hair masks, all while staying at home. A polished, glossy blowout is a great way to show off your healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.

You can also replicate the look at your home by doing some DIY if you still not ready to go down to the hair salons yet. It takes some practice and a good blowdry round brush to achieve the desired look.

Velcro rollers are the key to a classic blowout using classic tools. If you are less skilled, use a bigger round brush to blow your hair in sections not forgetting to use some hair texturing products. Once you have dried each section, you can set it up with large Velcro rollers and let it cool down while you apply your makeup.
Are you prepared to make your big-hair debut.