People get lots of benefits when they get their hair steamed after applying oil.

Do you have dry hair problems, or do you find it challenging to take in hair products?

People with naturally dry hair need to know how to care for their type of hair.

The moment that you begin to steam your hair, it is guaranteed that you shall begin to notice the results.

The steaming of the hair is a straightforward solution that can be used to solve this problem.

Hair steaming as a mechanism has been applied in those Afro hair salons for a long time.

This hair method is a primary method of maintaining natural hair.

The steaming process is accomplished with the coating of the natural hair using essential oils. Then heat is then applied to make the moisture go deep into the roots of the hair.

Those who choose not to visit the salon can decide to steam their hairs from their home.

When it comes to steamers, there are several options people can buy.

There are also handheld steamers available for purchase for those who do not want to move from salon to salon.

For people who are beginners in the world of hair steaming, this guide serves as a comprehensive introduction to everything you need to know about steaming your hair. It defines and explains the process behind the hair process and goes on to list out its benefits.

Steaming the hair after applying oil

Hair steaming involves a process where you wet up the hair to open up the hair follicles and pores on the hair scalp.

Hair steaming also improves the moisture absorption qualities of the hair scalp.

The hair is vulnerable to dangerous elements that can make it brittle and dry.

The condition can make your hair to break.

If the hair gets steamed up after applying natural hair oils, this will help a deep penetration of the moisture into the hair roots and the scalp.

Your hair can be compared with a flower or a tree.

The flower or tree gets dry when there isn’t sufficient moisture in the roots.

A similar logic is applied to the hair.

When your hair does not get the needed moisture, this condition will cause your scalp to dry out; it will then break off.


What does hair steamer mean?

The hair steamer uses steam obtained from filtered natural water to add water to a dry hair.

The process makes use of electricity to boil up water contained in its reservoir.

As the water gets to its boiling point, vapor is produced.

This vapor gets emitted from the part of the steamer, which is shaped like a dome.

People sit their heads under this dome-shaped part of the steamer where the moisture comes out to penetrate their hair.


The benefits of steaming to the hair?

Besides causing the hair to become moisturized, steaming is also used to stimulate hair growth and enhance its softness.

The process also aids blood circulation across the scalp as it helps to fix the damaged hair.

Steaming also keeps the skin from becoming dry and irritated. If a person steams their hair, they can quickly get it styled because there will not be any build-up of oils.


How frequently should one steam their hair?

The are several elements that determine how often you steam the hair.

People with healthy hair can decide to steam their hair monthly.

People with parched hair can decide to steam this once a week.

When people steam their hair each week, extra hydration is added to the hair. This then goes on to improve the moisture retention and elastic properties of the hair.

Ten benefits people get when they steam their hair after applying oil.


1). It promotes hair growth

You could manage to cut your hair just within a few minutes. However, it could take months to grow back, especially for hair with thinning or breakage problems. People who have a halt in hair growth should seriously consider steaming the hair. If the hair gets steamed, it will be able to grow properly. Steaming allows natural oils to flow freely into the scalp. These natural oils nourish the scalp and increase the flow of blood to the scalp making healthy and long.


2). Enhance the health of the hair scalp.

The healthiness of your hair scalp can significantly influence its well-being. People encountering problems with their hair should first check the condition of their hair scalp. People with dry hair scalp can have some hair problems like itchiness, breakage, and dandruff. When your hair scalp is dry, you get every one of these problems. However, hair steaming after the application of oils can help stop these problems. When you steam up your hair, you open up the skin’s pores and take out the debris of dead cells on the skin. If the pores of your skin are clean and open, the nutrients can penetrate the hair’s follicles, which then improves hair growth.


3). Enhances the elasticity of the hair

The hair elasticity refers to its ability to lengthen and shrink up without getting shed or broken. Moisture is quickly absorbed when you steam the hair after applying oil. The process makes it possible for the hair stretch and bend without making it undergo pressure.


4). Refreshes the curls of the hair.

If you do not want to soak your hair in water, an alternative method of getting your hair hydrated is steaming. If you are a person with the brittle and dry hair, it could be an excellent alternative to get your hair steamed.


5). Elevate the cuticle of the hair.

Hair with low porosity finds it difficult to absorb moisture into the hair roots deeply. People whose hair has low porosity can use steaming to improve their condition. The steam produces a warm moisture; this enables oil nutrients to go deep into the skin to raise the hair’s cuticles.

6). Improves the retention of moisture

An additional advantage of the steaming process is the better retention of moisture. The moment you get your hair steamed up, the moisture will evaporate quickly than if you only condition the hair. Once the moisture gets absorbed deep down the hair’s follicles, it will remain there for a long time.


7). Reduces Dandruff

People mainly get dandruff because their hair scalp is dry. Dry hair scalp certainly attracts dandruff. When you steam your hair, you add moisture to your hair. This process prevents a dry scalp. However, oiling should be done before steaming. This allows for enhanced absorption into the hair scalp. Your hair and scalp improves with subsequent steaming, eliminating any form of dandruff.


8). It helps the body to relax

When you steam the hair, your body becomes relaxed and calm. This calm feeling is made possible by the presence of hormones known as endorphins. Endorphins are popularly known to make people feel calm and relaxed despite any stress they might be undergoing. Stress also affects the human hair. This can cause you to lose your hair. One sure way to reduce hair loss is to minimize stress.


9). Detoxification and cleansing

People apply various products on their hair. However, when we use hair gels, conditioners, and sprays, we are bound to leave residue on the hair. Other environmental contaminants like dust and smoke could have been picked up by the hair. There is a build-up by the time all of these products and contaminants pile up on the hair. With time, these accumulated substances can become harmful to the hair. When you steam the hair, you take out build-up and debris from the hair scalp.


10). It makes it possible for different hair products to go deep down the hair shaft.

Hair treatment and deep conditioners work effectively if the hair properly absorbs every product. Most of the time, this hair treatment and conditioners are not absorbed easily because of the tight curls and coils of the natural hair. The hair cuticles get opened up by the hair steamer; this allows the cuticles to get all the needed nutrients in the roots. When the products get to their most locations required, the nutrients get adequately distributed, which leads to a lovely and gorgeous hair growth.



People with such conditions like dandruff, itchiness, and dry scalp could perhaps be the right candidate to steam your hair. If you add hair steaming into your hair regimen, you will get all the benefits mentioned above. Your hair will become long and healthy, and never again will be itchy and dry. Also, before you steam your hair, you will have to consider its degree of dryness, the frequency of washing, and the difficulty of hair products such as conditioners getting deep down the hair. But the thing here is that not all types of hair appropriately react with the steamy oily treatment of the hair. People with a flaky and itchy scalp should not use steaming. This will worsen their condition. When your scalp flakes up, this condition is due to yeasts’ presence on the hair scalp. When you steam your hair, it looks as though you are feeding the yeast. If you have a flaky scalp, you should treat this before you steam your hair to get superior results. Furthermore, you can steam your hair from your home without visiting the salon.