pearl blonde vs ash blondeIf your skin tone is fair and you want to hide an imperfection on your face. If you have lots in grey, then pearl blonde is the perfect choice for you.

If your skin tones are darker, and the base colour of your hair is either orange or copper as well as you are seeking a lighter shade that doesn’t require much maintenance. Thus ash blonde will be the best alternative for you.

Be aware that the base colour of your hair must be nearly white in order for the pearl blonde application. The ash blonde gives an array of other options.

Are you considering changing your hair’s colour but don’t know what shade to pick?

Perhaps you’ve coloured your hair blonde, but now is the time to change the colour and you are unsure of which shade to pick?

Ash blonde and pearl blonde are among the two most sought-after lighter blonde shades of the moment.

pearl blonde vs ash blonde

While they are part of an identical family, please don’t be confused with these two distinct shades. There are many differences among the different shades. It is important to know these differences to pick the one that is best for your hair and face.

What’s the primary dissimilarities between the two shades?

As for pearl blonde, which belongs to the warm tones while ash blonde is the cool tones.

What are the similarities of ash blonde and pearl blonde?

For either colour to be applied to your hair, you will have to bleach your hair to the level of an extremely light base.

This could require multiple bleaching treatments. So, it is important to check the health of your hair prior to every bleaching session.

Once you’ve identified what you need prior to applying the ash or pearl blonde shades, we will be more than happy to help you to select the appropriate shade. Are you ready?

PEARL BLONDE or ASH BLONDE? – Which colour should you select for your SKIN TONES?

pearl blonde vs ash blonde

Why is the skin tones so crucial in deciding on the best blonde hair shade?

The reason is because hair to the face is seen as an analogy for a frame to an art piece.

Can you visualize the famous masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci or La Gioconda on exhibition at the Paris Louvre Museum, which is framed in a simple unassuming wood frame?

Of course not! The brilliant work of these famous artists certainly deserve an exclusive frame. It must enhance the mystery and depth that Da Vinci has graced the famous woman of all time.

This is also true for your face.

Nature has carved it out however, you need to frame it in the appropriate shades to show the best features of your face.

Also, it is important to select your hair colour carefully.

It is likely that you could have noticed the appearance of wrinkles or lines of expression. If you are looking to complement a prominent nose then the pearl blonde is the perfect choice for you. It’s warm, which can help to conceal imperfections and make your face appear younger.

Ash blonde in turn is perceived as a cool tone which can provide a sense of seriousness and rigidity.

If your skin is fairer, then pearl blonde will add a unique brightness and luminosity. If you are blessed with dark skin, you should opt for the ash blonde as it will enhance the glow of your skin tones.

If you have grey hair, should you choose PEARL BLONDE or ASH BLONDE?

Grey hair can be a challenge but there is something to gain in your favour. The blonde colour will conceal it as it blends with the hair’s colour.

If there are lots of grey hair, you will prefer to go for a pearl blonde. Are you aware of the reason?

Because the pearl blonde application is on almost all the natural white hair, it means that you won’t be required to touch up the colour so frequently since the differences in your hair’s roots will not be as obvious.

As for the ash blonde, due to the kind of pigment it contains, this can cause grey hair’s growth to be more apparent. This means that you will need to refresh the colour more often to ensure that your ash blonde appears amazing.

If you are willing to refresh the hair colour every two weeks, just do it. However, you will become a slave to the hair colour, and your hair will be exposed to chemical treatments all the time.

If you are not sporting a lot of grey hair, and the base of your colour is orange or copper, you can choose the ash blonde. The underlying pigmentation will neutralize any undesirable tones.

Based on my hair type, what should I choose? ASH BLONDE or PEARL BLONDE?

Again, the base pigments in each hue will be the determining factor in the colour you choose.

If you’ve got very fine or little hair, it is better for you to go for pearl blonde. It’s a blonde with subtle violet, pink and mauve tones. This will provide your hair with more body, texture and volume.

However, if you’ve got thick hair, and you’d like to hide the volume, we will advise you to go for the ash blonde.

Additionally, ash blonde hair is great for balayage and highlighted hair.

You already have a good idea of which shade you like most. Do you know how to recognize them in the store?

Which levels correspond to PEARL BLONDE or ASH BLONDE ?

Ash blonde comes in a variety of shades that you can pick from:

Level 11.1 or 12.1 (these are the extremely light shades, and for them you will need a nearly white base shade. You can select the degree of blonde you desire since the ash pigment can appear in all of the shades.)

Level 10.1 is the extra light ash blonde

Level 9.1 is the extremely light ash blonde

Level 8.1 is the lighter ash blonde

Level 7.1 is the normal ash blonde

Level 6.1 is the darker ash blonde

Pearl blonde is attained by transforming the hair into the point of having a white-ish base. Thus, the pearl shade is only visible in lighter shades such as 12.21 and 11.21.

It is only advisable to apply it on hair that is extremely light. It will be achievable after a number of bleaching treatments, or if your hair has gone entirely grey.

Which one is easier to maintain PEARL BLONDE or ASH BLONDE?

pearl blonde vs ash blonde

Let’s begin with the assumption that light or extremely lighter blondes require a lot of care. It is recommended to use blonde shampoo in order to prevent loss of colouration.

If you select an extremely light shade of ash blonde, and your natural base hair colour is dark, then you will need to bleach your roots in the same way they appear. The concept is that the colour distinction from your roots to the remainder of your hair will not be obvious.

But, as an incredibly versatile shade it is possible to apply the blonde hue more closely to your natural shade such as:

In the event that your hair colour is brown 4, you can apply an ash blonde 7.1 which means you don’t have to bleach each time.

However this isn’t the case for pearl blonde. In this case you will require the appearance of white hair as the base colour.

So, maintenance is frequently needed if your hair isn’t completely grey or extremely natural light.

If we say often, we are referring to visiting the salon every 3 weeks, which can cause hair damage. Hence, you will need to incorporate frequent treatment with moisturizing products in your hair maintenance.

Therefore, ash blonde needs less effort to maintain than pearl blonde.


We believe that prior to choosing between pearl blonde and ash blonde, there are three main aspects that you should consider: the characteristics and nature of your hair, your routine for maintenance and your base colour. After you’ve analyzed these issues, your choice will be made on its own.