If you’ve made it to this point in your life, without a single major hair dye issue, then you’re more fortunate than the majority of us. Yes, most of us have had to endure numerous hair dye failures when that shiz happens . What’s your first reaction is (Besides screaming, crying or swearing),most of us may look to the internet for assistance…

What is a Colour Correction and How Much Does It Cost In The Hair Salon?

Clients: Take This Information Before Your Next Colour Correction Appointment!

Disclaimer: The hair of your dreams may require multiple sessions, unless, of course, you want to leave the salon like this.

Real talk: If you enter the salon with long harsh outgrowth, compromised hair, box dye and banding, these issues are regarded as “colour correction” and this procedure differs from the usual highlights, balayage or ombre services. It’s because you’re engaging the colourists with very specific hair requirements and issues that they have to prioritize their work towards achieving your ideal hair goals. Colour correction typically will take a LOT OF effort, time, and several sessions.

If your hair appears like the image in the beginning of the article and you’ve had bleached growth out but you’d wish to have the hair finishing similar to the after image. Here are some professional tips for your consideration:

1. What is a band or harsh line and Why Should I be concerned about it?

The line on your hair where previously lightened hair and the regrowth intersect is what’s known as the HIGH RISK ZONE. That’s the spot where most colourists will not be at ease to lighten the hair, as there’s the ninety-five percent chance of breakage around there. If the colourist decides to go for the challenge and fate doesn’t go our way then you’ll have a hair that is as short as to the point where black ends.

2. What is the cost to fix my hair?

If the colourist decided to go ahead for the colour correction, the cost of this service will be higher. Here’s the reason: Labour cost can be $50 to $100 per hour depending on the level of experience and skill of the colourist. A typically first colour correction session may take approximately 5 to 6 hours, which includes the product (product can cost the colourists anywhere from $50 to $150).

3. Here is How Your Hair Will Appear Between Services

It’s likely that you’ll be able to see Level 5-6 hair between your initial appointments as the colourists progress towards the hair goals you desire. This is the reason:

The high risk zone (aka your undesirable bands) aren’t as “life” enough when compared to the other part of the hair.

It is very important for the colourist to steer clear of lifting the compromised hair ends in order to avoid the possibility of “chemical cut.”

If you decide to have ASH as your underlying pigmentation, the colour will look darker, but there will be a WARM band. Hence the recommendation to make it warm so that it appears lighter and blends with the band.

4. Invest In Your Long-Term Hair Health

You’ve reached the second or third session and what’s next? You may be required to make an investment in your hair’s health while the colourist carries on to work to achieve your hair goals. It is important that you will need to invest in the specific hair products that can repair and restore your hair peptides to ensure that the colourists can keep the chemical services going on without compromising the health condition of your hair.

Do you want to be able to refrain your customers from saying, “I am still seeing that yellow!”?

5. Here’s a typical example: “I need you to fix my hair, but I would like to maintain the length!”

The client was presenting with harsh lines, but would like to maintain her length. That is the approach that the colourist should go about doing the colour correction:

Session 1: The goal is to camouflage and conceal the harsh band. Tone the remaining of the client’s hair towards the same tone level.

Session 2: About 3 months later, the hair goal should be lifting more of the undesirable band away.

Session 3: Tone lighter, so when the client comes back, her hair canvas will be lighter overall.