How you look and care for your hair extensions will have a huge impact on the life expectancy of the hair extensions. If we have looked after your hair extensions properly, it will typically last on average 4 to 6 months.

We found that if you take care of your hair extensions the same way as if you take care of your light blonde hair, it tends to work pretty well. Moreover, hair extensions should be treated more carefully. They also require more tender loving care.


Here’s what you require to know:

We don’t recommend that you colour your hair extensions yourself in your home. It is important to understand that hair extensions are coloured and pre-bleached so they will become unpredictable to any dyes. If you need to re-colour your hair extensions and would like to change the colour, we will recommend that you contact your professional colourist so that they can colour your hair extensions safely.

Brighter blonde coloured hair extensions are likely to have a shorter lifespan because it had undergone a highly bleached process. Lighter blonde also has the tendency to be dryer and thus will cause breakage more easily. Moreover, such lighter shades will be requiring more care by using lesser heat applications in order to increase your hair extensions’ lifespan.

Remember to take care of your hair extensions like taking care of your own natural hair. Also, don’t forget that heat can cause damage to your hair extensions as well. Extensions may live a shorter life span if they are subject to too much heat. Also, it is important to avoid any products containing alcohol, sulphates, and oil.

Please take note that it is not unusual to lose 10-15 bonds over the life of the hair extensions. But, if you are losing much more or a lot at once, you will have to look for a hair extensions professional to understand the root cause.

If you are suffering from any scalp conditions or sensitive scalp, hair extensions may not be recommended for you as they may cause further irritation. Always try to stay cool and do not get too hot as body sweat will cause your hair extensions bonds to swell and then slide out.

Excessive oil production in your hair may also cause the bonds to slide out easily. In order to reduce the natural oil production in your hair and scalp, it is important to avoid touching your hair or playing with it.


During the summer

It is important to avoid any salt water as it can cause hair to dry out as well as hair discolouration. Water containing chlorine will cause the hair extensions to get damaged, just like it damages your own hair – especially the light blonde hair – that will result in matting and discolouration. Thus swimming is strongly not recommended.

UV rays will cause serious discolouration to the hair extensions. Hence, it is advisable to wear a hat under the scorching sun and try to avoid the harmful UV rays. You should also use a hair sunscreen for your hair if you are going in the sun.


Brushing Your Hair

The hair extensions should be well secured to the natural hair, so pulling them can cause your natural hair to be pulled out as well.

Start by brushing your hair beginning at the bottom and then slowly move to the top. Use a professional hair extensions brush to prevent damage to your own hair. Denman bristle brushes can be utilized to avoid the need to pull the bonds. Do not pull on the bonds as they are very soft. It is recommended to just brush at the roots and hair ends.

We also strongly advised that you do daily detangling of hair at your roots. Stop staring too much at your tv at night. Spend some time to push your fingers in between bonds. While you are detangling at roots, please do not forget about the top part of your head!

During Sleep

In order to avoid matting of hair extensions, please refrain from going to bed with your hair wet. It is important to ensure that your hair extensions are fully dry especially at the hair roots to prevent your hair from tangling.

It is recommended to use a leave-in conditioner or hair spray overnight. Remember to spray in before you go to bed and be awakened with mermaid waves by braiding your hair extensions. Braiding the hair extensions before sleep can also help to prevent your hair from getting tangled as well as avoiding the rubbing actions of both the hair and bonds.

We also discovered that people who sleep on one side all the time are more likely to lose bonds from that side. You can try to interchange the positions.

Washing of Hair

Wash your hair with a sulphate, alcohol & oil-free shampoo 1-3 times per week. Excessive styling and washing will cause the hair cuticle to get damaged as well as reduce the lifespan for your hair extensions.

A flip side: if you do not wash your hair enough, it may cause oils on the scalp to build up and it can eventually result in the bonds to slip out. It can also lead to the building up of general or products environmental pollution. Be sure to get all your fingers in between the bonds, and wash them all properly.

Employing a dry shampoo in between is a great way to last longer between hair washes. Any excessive oil production can also be dried in between which can prolong the bonds and prevent extensions from sliding out. Shampoo and condition the hair with sulphate free shampoo. Sulphate-free shampoos will be safest for coloured hair. Professional salon products are better, as they’re more nourishing and gentle.

During the entire shower, allow the conditioner to leave in the hair extensions before rinsing thoroughly. Try to stay away from the root area, as this will cause the hair to be too slippery and the bonds may slide away easily. Deep condition one per week with a deep condition treatment

Nourishing dry oil – use it every day at the lengths and ends. Satin oil and pure defrizz serum is recommended.

Apply 4-5 pumps to wash hair prior to blow drying. Use one day to dry hair. Also keep the roots away! Extra nutrition is a must, as they cannot produce natural oils themselves.

Curling and Straightening

Use a thermal protection spray with no alcohol to keep your hair extensions protected from hot appliances. You can use it on both dry and wet hair extensions.

All our clients should follow these aftercare guidelines. Healthy hair extensions can be maintained and extended with correct hair care.


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