Do you desire to have a big and dedicated client base for your hair business?

A number of hair stylists find a reason why their clients leave them or the reason for their business not growing. Though, women leave relationships for several reasons, there are not many reasons why women desert (or never come back) a hair stylist.

If you can understand women’s expectations from their hair stylist, then she will be a returning client and as well as act as a source of referral for more clients for your business.

Keep to these instructions to give your clients your best services, make your clients satisfied, and also retain them for more business.


Your clients will tell you their expectations and how do you achieve their expectations.

You may be a very good hair stylist, but the only expert in terms of what a customer wants, is the person who wears the particular hair style in question.

Pay close attention to and believe what the client says regarding their hair. Regardless of what you were taught in hair design school about the results of a certain hair styling process, but the client in your salon, knows the entire behaviour of their hair and may be a far cry from what you were told in design school.

It annoys clients when the hair stylists dismiss the instructions about the behaviour of their hair as wrong when they are trying to be of help to the stylist, so as he can understand the difficult nature of their hair.

All hairs that are fine are not the same, all hairs that are curly don’t have the same behaviour, and a person’s hair that is straight may respond differently to another person’s hair that is straight. Similarly, there are no generic colour formulas. If the client says that the colour of her hair turns red, you have to believe her. If client complains of hair breakage (or she appears to be losing parts of her hair), the hair stylist has to be sensitive and diligent in the timing during the processing of the colour so as not to worsen matters. When the clients request for a type of hair cut, the hair stylist can decide to recommend certain styles but never overrule her request.

Maybe your client is not communicating well and isn’t really using the proper hair lingos in getting across what she wants for her hair, you should take out time to make her understand that you get their point.

Say back her statement in a different way. For instance, if the client says she wants an increase in the streaks in her hair, ask her, “Do you mean that you want your hair highlights to be distinctive” That single question will make you understand if the client prefers the streaks in her hair to be more noticeable (solid) or rather mixed, or if she wants all her hair to be lighter. Both of those things have a huge difference. Paying keen attention for a short while can create good results when she’s gone and also a return to the salon the next time she needs your services.


Get the best shears for hair-cutting that are affordable to you

Why are scissors that are good of importance to the hair designer?

You will be busy all day for every day of the week. The scissors you have in your salon will be used more often than any other scissors you have. The scissors you own should be able to match the amount of work you do.

You will work on a diverse range of hair types, and also you will be rotating and bending the scissors in several ways. Scissors that don’t give a proper cut should not be used at all. Hair scissors that are of good quality, last for a long time; they are repeatedly sharpened, amended and maintained. For your hair styling career they are worth the investment.

There are several brands to buy from, you might be taken aback if you opt for a top brand, but if you get a typical scissors you like, the investment will keep you happy.

Kamisori Emerald is an excellent choice as well as the whole line up of scissors they have. They have available all types of scissors of varying lengths depending on the size of your hands or the manner in which you handle the scissors during hair cutting.

For people who are left hander, there are scissors from Kamisori that are especially for that purpose. Several other good brands are Aupolus, Shark Fin, Feng Chun as well as Kenchii. All great scissors brands cater to people who are either left-handed or right-handed as well as offer a good selection in terms of blade length and angles.

Also you might want to get a blow-dryer that is good, the most excellent combs and brushes as well as a flatiron that will comfortably work on any type of hair.


Good hair stylists market themselves not products used on hair

Women like to think that they can purchase the exact product that was used on their hair and get the same great style that you did for them when they try the product at home, but ignore pushing the products they may have no need for.

Get from your client which one of the products she uses in the house before selling her any type of product. Try to sell her products that she can afford, and recommend possible ways she can use up the products she have at home before buying more. You should ask her to come along with the products so that you can instruct her on how she can make use of them-this customized service will help in making her trust you and of course be a loyal customer. Most women have lots of bottles, jars as well as tubes or hair products that have been partly used; they don’t really have the need to purchase more accumulating stuff, but they actually need some recommendations on how to optimally utilize the products they currently have.


Instructions on improving your services to the clients of your hair salon

It is a common phenomenon for hair dresser to schedule the clients in spite of several appointments and try doing a blow-dry or a cut while you are processing the colour for another clients’ hair. This method may work, however it can possibly go wrong. If clients are left under the hair dryer (processing of heat) while you are busy cutting other clients’ hair, you are likely overworking the dryer and possibly causing damage to the client’s hair. If the client complains about the heat from the dryer, you should do the needful and avoid putting the dryer on her hair. Of course, this might mean that you will have to abandon all other clients to attend to her needs but after all she paid for the service. Do not talk to other people while you are applying colour or cutting the hair of your client. Some hair stylists take their salons as a social gathering and would welcome interruptions while attending to a client. This is a sign of rudeness, not considerate, and sends out a signal that you have no respect for the person seated in the chair. If people try to cause an interruption while you are working on a client, politely put them on hold until you are done working on the clients’ hair.


Clients don’t like to be kept waiting

Pay attention to your work pace and keep a record on your book of appointments to show the total time that is needed to be spent on each client. Yes, it’s true. If the clients complained about the waiting time, it signals that you might have been overbooked or are distracted as you are doing your work. Pay close attention to the clients so as to know where to amend the time spent on each client. It is probable that the clients have left their respective work places or the needs of their families to book an appointment with the salon, and also they might have hired a babysitter. If you keep them an hour late, it is expensive for them. Have a respect for their time and it will be reciprocated. Never ever show a preference for a certain client’s time in respect of another. Please do not ever tell a client (who had come in early enough and had been patiently waiting) to hold on while you attended to another client who just walked in. Stylist had showed up late and had clearly treated the second customer preferentially probably because she was “well to do”. The client who first arrived to the salon will probably storm out of the salon and never returned.

If a client has been delayed in a way that couldn’t be avoided, try acknowledging the delay, offer some apologies and try to make up for the delay. Try giving her a product bottle (a shampoo or a cream with scents that cost a little can save you a lot of money in terms of lost business and referrals), or offer to charge her at a slightly reduced price.

The apologies you offer will inform her that you care and empathize with her in this situation, that you recognize the importance of their time, client delays aren’t part of the normal activities of your business.


Are your prices for hair styling exorbitant?

Each salon as well as each market is considerably different, so any hairdresser can fix their own prices. However, the state of the affair of the economy can go through a fluctuation, and if the prices you give to clients are already high, do not needlessly increase them.

Some clients have abandoned their stylists which have been charging them highly (which seems that they don’t care about the high fees) when the prices have already been increased. If your fees are increased by $20 and chased away three clients who show up every sixth week, and who give you referrals, is that a good decision business-wise? Likely not!

Are you increasing the price for a client who gives you good tips? If she tips you $10-$20 regularly, she is paying a fee that is higher already. If she abandons you because you increased your prices, you lost the initial fee and the tip. It is very important to honor all prices as stated in the salon menu, website, brochures, advertisement & promotion. For any service dissatisfaction, it is important to honor any re-do of the service to client’s satisfaction, or go to the extra mile to provide full monetary refund to client if they have paid of the service.


Get acquainted to the most recent techniques in hair colouring and hair styling

Know what is currently trending in hair styles and hair cuts

A problem for lots of women is that when they approach their stylists for a particular trending style or colour technique they find out that the stylist is yet to learn the new technique.

Your clients may stick to one design for years (and it will be nice if they get the updated version of their traditional style), however do not think it will work on everyone else.

Many women will prefer an application of colour with foils rather with a cap, obviously because it ensures less hair breakage, causes less pain, and makes the creation of some types of colour more flexible.

Although the courses you take don’t come cheap, and their duration may be long, it will certainly reap the benefits of happy clients as well as sustained business and profits.

You won’t want to approach an accountant that have no idea on what the most recent tax law is,  so why would clients want to approach a stylist who is lacking of ideas of how to stay abreast of latest industry trends and what’s in style?