It is no surprise that people are now working from home throughout the circuit breaker period and they have increased their self-care endeavours so as to soothe stressed out hair and skin, nervous minds as well as introduce some necessary TLC – inadvertently tempting their spouses, their family members or flatmates to look into the self-care bandwagon. But are you aware that the amount of Google searches for DIY hair and beauty remedies has not just doubled, but quadrupled with nearly half a million hair and beauty related questions.

Hence what are we thinking about or wanting to replicate at home? Obsessed with all about hair and beauty, we compared to the number of Google search to show the most popular DIY hair hacks search and here are some awesome yet super-easy hair hacks that are surely going to change how you look and feel in regards to your lovely locks to help you through the circuit breaker. From home remedies to smooth your hair to simple way for getting rid of split ends and achieving thicker texture hair appearance, to decide on the perfect hair brushes with instructions, this easy to-do list would certainly provide you with inspirations; read on for our top tips, tips and recommendations.


Get Rid of Static Using A Dryer Sheet In Your Brush

Get Rid of Static With A Dryer Sheet On Your Hair Brush.

Giving a fast swipe of a dryer sheet in your hair brush will help eliminate undesired static electric. Keep those rebellious little hairs in place with the help of a dryer sheet! Poking it through your hairbrush bristles may be a little overly dramatic, but you could also just sweep one of the sheets over your hair. It smells great, too!


Get Rid of White Hairs Naturally at Home

Massaging the hair roots with butter a few times a week can help get rid of white hairs.

Butter is well-known to help avoid further greying of hair. Massaging the hair roots using butter a few times per week will help eliminate white hairs. Massage butter oil into your scalp and hair daily before your shower.


The Very Best Hair Brush For Your Hair

The right brush for your hair helps keep your hair shiny. Figure out exactly what kind of hair brushes for your hair type and style with this picture instructions.

The right brush for Your hair can help keep your hair glossy and smooth. Find out just what type of hair brushes that suit your hair type and hairstyle with this image instructions.


Get Easy Waves without Flat Iron or Rollers

Scrunch your hair with beach spray or gel and use a diffuser. A super-easy and fast method to get simple waves without using any styling tools!

Scrunch your own hair with gel or hair spray and employ a hair diffuser. A super-easy and speedy procedure to have simple waves on your locks without utilizing any styling tools!


Fake a Fuller Ponytail by Doing The Double-ponytail Trick

Doing the fake double-ponytail and make your hair look fuller and more voluminous.

Performing the fake Double-ponytail and make your hair appear fuller and more voluminous.


How to Create The Stunning Side Swept Bang Yourself

Still having trouble getting your bangs to lie down straight or stay that way? Here is a great tutorial to help you out. Use a flat iron or round brush to tame your cowlick and get perfect side-swept bangs.

Still facing trouble having your bangs to lie down straight and flat or stay that way as long as you wish? Here’s an excellent guide that will help you out. Use a flat iron round brush to tame your cowlick and you will have ideal side-swept bangs.


Turn Your Bobby Pins into Sticky Bobby Pins if You Have Slippery Straight Hair

Turn Your Bobby Pins into Sticky Bobby Pins if You Have Slippery Straight Hair.

If You’ve Got Slippery Straight Hair, Switch Your Bobby Pins into Sticky Bobby Pins with the instructions as illustrated in the image.


5-Minute Beach Waves

Doing the simple and quick beach waves in 5 minutes with a hair dryer.

Performing the 5 minutes easy and Quick beach waves with a hair dryer.


Easy Method to Removing of Your Split Ends

Split ends occur when the bottom tips of hair become dry and damaged and split in half vertically. When hair becomes dry or damaged, the hair shaft splits at the end. Keep those unsightly splits from spoiling the looks of your locks with this easy instructions。

Split ends happen if the bottom tips of hair eventually become damaged and dry and split into half vertically. When hair becomes damaged or dry, the entire hair shaft will split in the endings. Keep those unsightly splits ends from destroying the appearance of your locks using this simple instruction as illustrated in the image.


How to Lighten Your Hair Naturally at Home

Lightening your hair naturally at home with this kind of homemade recipes.

Lightening your hair Naturally at home with by washing with vinegar. The recent trend of ‘no-poo’ or washing your hair without shampoo has led people to the discovery that vinegar works to lighten hair. When you hop in the shower, rinse through your hair with apple cider vinegar. Doing this on a regular basis may slowly lighten your hair over time, although this method works better on some people than others.


Two Mins For A Fuller Ponytail

Another trick to get a fake ponytail by using a claw in the middle of your pony tail.

Another suggestion to get a fake ponytail by using a claw in the middle of your pony tail as shown in the illustration.


Coconut Oil DIY Hair Mask

Coconut oil has used as a particularly effective treatment for dry, damaged or overprocessed hair for centuries. Need to have a try!

Coconut oil has been employed as a particularly effective remedy for damaged, dry or over processed hair for decades. It is a must try by following the illustration and lastly, if you have a shower cap, try putting that on top of the towel to help hold in the heat. Keep your hair wrapped for 30-40 minutes and then shampoo regularly. It is advisable to have two shampoos to make sure it’s all out and clean! You will feel the difference right away but make sure to keep up with it, it’s really a great thing to do for your hair!


Making Your Hair Appear Thicker With Eyeshadow

Most people want a thick head of hair, whether they prefer it long or short. Thick hair feels luxurious and makes us feel more attractive. Here is a creative trick to achieve thicker looking hair using eyeshadow.

Many people especially those with thinning hair issues desire a head of thick hair, whether they favor it long or short. Thick hair feels voluminous and enable us to feel much more attractive and younger. Here’s a creative and easy trick to achieve thicker looking hair using eyeshadow.


Homemade Hair Spray

Make your own salt spray with seltzer water and a teaspoon of sea salt.

Make your DIY salt spray seltzer water and a tsp of sea salt. Try mixing together twenty ounces of seltzer water and a teaspoon of sea salt in a spray bottle. When your hair is damp and wet, spritz the mixture solution onto the ends of your hair, and use your fingers to scrunch them up. You will immediately experience the tousled, beachy texture.