1. Washing hair the day after the dyeing process.

It’s among the most frequently made mistakes and it’s also among the most expensive. After you’ve coloured your hair be sure to wait at least 72 hours prior to shampooing. It can take up to 3 days to allow the cuticle of hair to fully close, which holds the colour molecule, which allows for a longer-lasting hair colour.

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2. Dumping Box Dye over freshly salon coloured hair.

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If you aren’t happy with the way your hair colour turned out. Doing it all by yourself using hair colouring products at the drugstore might result in making the problem more difficult. Avoid the urge to put anything from over-the-counter onto your newly coloured hair. Most box dyes will be permanent and can cause more hair drying issues. Instead, have a professional colourist do your colour correction.

3. Too often washing your hair.

The biggest enemy of hair colour is water. The chemicals in the hair dyes make hair more prone to the effects of water. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to cut down on showers but simply make small adjustments on your regimen, such as not rinsing too often. After shampooing and conditioning the hair, try tilting your head to the back to let water go over your hair for several minutes. Instead of washing and shampoo your hair daily, you can try dry shampooing on the root to absorb oil.

 4. Rinsing the hair with hot water.

Set your water’s temperature to the cold or lukewarm temperature when washing. Hot water can lift the cuticle’s outer layer and this is one of the common root causes of why your hair colour will diminish. The hotter the water is, the faster the loss of hair colour.

5. Use conditioners specially for hair that has been colour treated 

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Coloured hair is more prone to dry out and become brittle So, use conditioners that are formulated specifically for coloured hair. This helps to create a barrier that protects your hair, and will prevent the dye from quickly leaking out.

Be sure to condition your hair every time you shampoo, regardless of whether you have hair that is fine. It is important to ensure you are conditioning the lengthiest part of the hair. The tips may be years old and suffer some of the worst damage while hair roots are only a few months old. Use a leave-in conditioner to get a boost of moisture and hydration.

6. Rough Drying using a towel.

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The pressure of rubbing too hard could fade hair colour and cause ends to appear dry. Instead, gently blot your hair and allow it to air dry as long as it is possible.

7. Overusing your curling iron, flat iron, or blow-dryer.

Hair with colour is more prone and sensitive to the heat. To prevent your hair from frying out, spray it with an anti-heat protectant spray prior to using heat tools such as your curling iron.

8. The hair is not properly moisturized and protected.

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Hair that has been coloured treated can become rough and dry particularly during the summer months. Apply a deep conditioning hair mask or hydrating oil treatment (coconut avocado, grapeseed, or avocado) on your processed hair to help restore hair moisture and keep it healthy. Allow it to sit overnight or over 30 minutes for best results in order to keep the health of your hair.

9. The glossy factor is often overlooked.

Your hair could have a stunning new hue but have you noticed that it has shed its shine? It is the protein layers of your hair (cuticles) that reflect light and create shine, however, hair dyes can dull the shine. For that Kate Middleton-like shine back, try a shine spray or at-home glaze or serum. You can also apply a night-time hair repair treatment. Also, reduce back on the use of heat tools.

10. Hair overexposed to the sunlight.

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If you are planning to spend long periods of time outdoors, wear a hat to prevent your hair’s colour from becoming lighter or fading.

11. Re-dyeing unevenly.

If you decide to colour your hair, be sure to apply the colour only to the roots. Just before you rinse the colour out, try using an emulsion method. It is suggested that will bring back the colour at the ends and give the hair the body and shine.

After applying colour to your roots then, get in the shower and pour a little water to your hair, directly over the colour. Begin massaging the colour on your roots in the same way as a shampoo motion. Massaging the colour in a thorough manner throughout from the roots to the ends and add more water as needed. The entire process should take 2 minutes, just enough time to get a perfect hair refresher. After that, rinse your hair.

12. Hair colouring is not something you should do frequently.

If you are thinking that colouring your hair is very tedious due to high-maintenance and requires frequent touch-ups, this suggestion is sure to be an unexpected delight. We recommend that clients wait at least six weeks prior to returning to the salon to have a highlight refresh. So, there’s a lower chance of breaking due to overlaps. A lower risk of breakage will mean healthier hair when it’s time to retouch your hair.