Hi Hera Family! Wondering have noticed that your stylist used the terminology “colour correction” before? Perhaps you’ve had you done previously and question why it had been expensive? Well, we are here to offer you the answers you want!

The majority of our hairdressers here in Hera Hair Beauty have performed countless times of colour corrections through their hairdressing careers. It is a lengthy and painstaking procedure, both to the customer and the hairdressers, however, the end results are certainly always well worth while.


color correction

The “before and after picture” of a color correction by our Artistic Director, Paul Ashton.

So what exactly is a color correction? There are various kinds of colour corrections techniques, however, the two most typical colour corrections are transforming very dark hair to considerably lighter, or transiting very light hair to considerably darker shades. Maybe you have gone to the salon once you coloured your hair with box shade and requested to become actually REALLY blonde? Getting you to become super blond after having dark colour in your hair isn’t anywhere near as simple as you perceive that it is.

During the color correction process, the colorist may need to bleach your hair to the desirable level, however it is not quite as straightforward as throwing any bleach and walking off. When using box dye, then your hair will probably be more vulnerable to lifting, or lightening, together with reddish/orange tones resulting in splotchiness and hair damaged. (nobody wishes for orange stripes inside their own hair) The hairdresser then must use more colour in addition to this to cancel any and all unwanted tones so as to realize your preferred color.

The “before and after picture” of a color correction by our Artistic Director, Paul Ashton.

If you are platinum blonde who need to go for a darker colour, the hairdresser will have to fill out your hair using a shade like a reddish, as blonde hair doesn’t have some pigment, then put the desirable tone in addition to the filler following it is flushed out. If you have ever tried to place a dark shade in your hair and it washed out immediately, which will be since your hair doesn’t have any warm pigments that is needed for the dark shades to catch on to!

Some colour adjustments are a lot simpler than many others, as they may be completed in a single session although some color corrections may even take weeks to achieve! Generally, a colour correction is relative more costly than normal coloring procedure, really time consuming, and might harm your own hair.

The “before and after picture” of a color correction by our Color Director, Rain Baxter


The reasons for Colour Correction to be so Costly?

Well friends, a colour correction procedure is commonly known to take up the half or even whole day of the hairdresser in the salon which entails that this hairdresser will be seeing less customers and thus less earning daily. Some colour correction appointments may take around 6 hours or longer. The hairdresser will have to use the mass quantities of colour to reach the desired tone. The proper application of correct color is critical when it comes to repairing a person’s hair in a color correction process, and this also takes time. When you have been lightened or needed your hair full of color pigmentation, your hairdresser nonetheless will need to use toner using only the proper colours to eliminate green, red, yellow and brassy tones, that can be a huge step in the colour correction procedure.


The “before and after picture” of a color correction and hair transformation by our Master stylist, Yana.


Most salons will probably cost around $100 an hour to get a colour correction service done, based on the harshness of this circumstance, and a thorough consultation is the most essential part to getting the look you desire. It is important to book for a consultation first prior to any color correction procedure. Repairing somebody’s colour doesn’t always call for a full blown color correction procedure, however having a consultation first with your hairdresser and have them to help you through the choices which can allow you to get to your own hair objectives and at the same time maintain your hair healthy.

hair toning

The “before and after picture” of a hair toning by our artistic director, Paul Ashton.


A hairdresser might also recommend obtaining a hair cut together with your colour correction procedure to eliminate those damaged ends or split ends.

We’ve had so many customers call us to get assistance after attempting to color their own hair in their house, and allow us to tell you honestly that such box color will always results in a negative consequence. Quite often the customer’s hair is going to probably be fried to pieces with a mixture of harsh colors such as gold and orange, and of course everyone will dread those colors. Please allow a trained colorist to handle your precious hair ; they’re trained professionals for a reason!


How Do You Know Whether You Require a Color Correction?

You may have the experience of taking the guts to dip your toes into those bold colors and realized that they are not suitable or don’t gel well with your complexion tone. (Check this out this amazing program which allows you virtually “try on” new hair colours!) Or perhaps a few month after coloring your hair and you recognize that your blonde is becoming super yellow and brassiness is getting worse, or your own brunette is a bit more red than you would like? Thus, in you might require a color correction.

Concerning blonde being slightly brassy or yellow hues and brunette revealing somewhat reddish hues, you could have the ability to fix this with a toning treatment, wherever your hairdresser can decide if a glaze treatment is sufficient to correction those small imperfections on your colour.

The “before and after picture” of a dreadful balayage after a color correction by our color director, Rain Baxter.


A good instance of when you might require a colour correction…

In case you own hair looks like this image into the left… you may require a color correction procedure. A lousy balayage is really a balayage that should GO. The consequence is a damaged, unevenly color lifting, and creates a straight and harsh lines!


Consequently, If your hair colour isn’t what you desired, see a professional and allow them to decide whether you require a color correction. Your hair hairdresser might also advise obtaining a deep conditioning repair treatment, or even buying a deep conditioner product to use in your home to help undo the damage brought on by the hair coloring process.

We urge Olaplex No. 3, that is an amazing deep Conditioner that repairs damaged hair and strengthens the molecular structure of the hair.

Another magical way to bring some life back to your overly-processed hair is to consider the keratin hair treatment. (Check out our webpage on Keratin treatments here!) Consult your hairdresser about exactly what deep conditioners would do best for the texture and integrity of your hair, and make sure not to overuse it!