Many things change in your life after you decide to go grey. You start scheduling fewer salon visits and shelling out a lot less money for hair upkeep. However, some changes need a little more acclimatization—particularly if you have had the same hair colour for years. Add some style with a scarf. In terms of accessories, you may wear any colour scarf that complements your skin tone. Just keep the scarf basic because if there is too much going on, it will draw attention away from your hair and onto the accessory.

Do not be afraid to use accessories. As you never know what could look great unless you try, do not be afraid to wear more exciting things with your grey hair. The majority of women want to remain flirtatious and fun beyond age 40. Try it out! Have fun and try new things.

Experiment with textures and patterns without fear. If you combine a solid colour with a cloth that has more texture, it will look fantastic. When it comes to texture, little is more.

When going for black-and-white clothing, aim for stronger contrast. To add interest and more contrast, add splashes of colour. Perhaps now is the right moment to get the ideal pair of red heels.

The most important is knowing what are the colours of your clothes look best on you. When you had coloured hair, you could have thought of yourself as someone who looks amazing in light pink or olive green, but now that your hair is grey or silver, you might discover that you are attracted to different colours. We asked our hairdressers to identify the colours that look best on individuals with grey hair so they can manage this transformation. Whatever your hair colour, there is always a clothing colour for you.

  1. Blue

Avoid choosing colour that mirror the hue in your hair when picking clothes to wear with grey hair. This tends to make you seem older and will make your face appear to lose its vitality.

You should “mirror the colours of other features in your face” instead. For instance, blue or green eyes will be particularly attractive since they will draw more attention to your vibrant features.

  1. Brown

The same is true for those with darker eyes. Instead of directly mirror the grey in your hair, it is advisable to use colours to highlight whatever warm eye colours you may have, such as brown or hazel.

  1. Charcoal

Fortunately, greys are not really off the limits, nevertheless, you should choose the colours that best highlights your features. Make sure the grey clothes you have chosen to wear is not the same shade of dark or light as the grey in your hair. It is preferable not to wear a vibrant white shirt if you have vibrant white hair; instead, try for more of a charcoal tone shirt. The opposite is also true: dress in heather grey if your hair is deep grey.

  1. Red

Red always looks fantastic, regardless of the undertones or eye colour you have. Nothing is more stunning than a lady with silver hair dressing up in red colour; it is such a gorgeous juxtaposition. It is really lovely to see a lady with grey hair wearing a red sweater or outfit.

  1. Black

Try black clothes if your hair has cool undertones. Black looks trendy, magnanimous and amazing.

Go the other way if you find it to be overly blatant and stark. Warm pink or Lavender clothing may complement cool undertones in your grey hair if you want to brighten your appearance.

  1. Fuchsia

Stock up on warm colour clothing if you have warm undertones. Think rich bottle green, fuchsia, and burgundy as they will all make you appear better by enhancing your skin and hair colour. The finishing touch will be lipstick that matches.

  1. Rose gold

Along with clothing, certain jewelry hues complement grey hair very well too. You may not know that rose gold is the greatest earring type for grey hair; grey is able to make the pink undertones sparkle. It is important to stay away from other hues that includes, sterling silver or white gold as they are too monotonous with grey hair.

  1. Greyish Green or Blueish Green

These colours will work for ladies have salt & pepper or pure silvers. These cool tones will definitely assist your hair to be in the limelight while making you appear radiant and fresh. If you wish to have a more dramatic appearance, some blush of the same tone or berry lip colour will definitely enable more outstanding look!

There are so many more tones or colours which compliment the grey hair! Beige or grey for a stylish monochromatic look, olive green for a daring spring appearance and more.

Grey hair is the most gorgeous feature that we know to finesse! Feel free to share with us what works or does not for you!