Hairstyles that are short are usually trendy. They look chic, pertly and cool, which makes their wearers stand out from people with long hair. Indeed, you’ll need to be quite brave when you chop off your hair! But, if you believe that short hairstyles provide the limited chance to express yourself, then you’re wrong.

There are now a variety of hairstyles that are short , but each one can create a unique appearance.

Bixie hairstyles are one of the best! Yes, you read it right, we said that bixie and not pixie.

You’ve never heard of it before? This is fine because this article will share everything we’ve learned about this newest and extremely stylish in trend!

Think of the ’90s era of your most loved celebrities, and we’ll be sure that at the very least, one of them had hairstyles that resemble a bixie hairstyle (aka the combination of a pixie and Bob) at some point or another. We immediately imagine icons such as Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Wynona Ryder and much more.

The bixie received a lot of attention during that time, because it challenged the notion that only beautiful, long gorgeous hair can be considered “beautiful.” If someone had this short haircut the world would be stunned at the moment. As with everything related to fashion and beauty this cut was once controversial but is now back.

It’s also the most popular short haircut for this season, according to many celebs and stylists. We’re taking a look at you, Florence Pugh and Anne Hathaway.

Here’s more information about a bixie cut and what you should consider before deciding on one, the best way to style it, in addition to what distinguishes the modern version from the original haircut of the ’90s.

Bixie Haircut. What Is It?

If you’ve heard this term for the first time, it is possible that you haven’t understood it. Are you sure it’s bixie and not Pixie? Are you sure?! We are certain. The fact that you’ve never heard of this particular haircut is easy to understand: it’s just been introduced to our world of hairstyles!

What exactly is it? The bixie cut is a style that blends elements of the pixie with elements of the Bob. It blends elements of two classic haircuts, making it an incredibly versatile cut which can be tailored to the individual’s preferences

They are the bob and pixie haircuts. When they are combined they create…bixie! In the end, a hairstyle called bixie combines the most prominent characteristics of both haircuts.

If you look at the bixie cut with the two other haircuts (meaning that bob and pixie) and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The bob haircut (inverted Bob to be exact) Bixie sported its long fringe, front and sides, with a shorter back cut with stacked layers.

In the case of the pixie hairstyle it took on the overall shape and look. In essence, you can claim that bixie is actually an elongated pixie style that is only longer.

The concept is similar to that of the well sought-after haircut called lob. This haircut is the perfect combination because you have the edge of a pixie but without the fringe and face frame of the textured bob haircut.

Will the Bixie Haircut Look Different in 2022?

Based on what we’ve seen, the bixie has been in fashion for some time and will continue to be so. The difference is in the fashion aesthetic.

In the present, it’s becoming apparent that the hair and beauty industry is now embracing diversity and inclusivity, and this applies to the hair. It is predicted that the bixie hairstyle is now able to be customized to accommodate different hair types and textures unlike the past, which was typically used with straight hair.

The bixie hairstyle looks and feels identical, but is more striking by incorporating polished styling, healthy shiny color and a contemporary take on the texture.

What Should You Consider Before Getting a Bixie?

The most important thing to think about prior to getting a bixie haircut will be the level of commitment. Styling is always the main decision when you are going to cut your hair short. Talk to your hairstylist about length, hair maintenance and care for your hair and styling so you both can create a custom strategy for maintaining the style.

This style is perfect for those looking for something shorter than a bob, but aren’t yet ready to take on a pixie hairstyle that’s too short.

How Do I Style a Bixie Haircut?

Styling Bixies is about fun and experimentation and trying to make the most of the natural texture of your hair, or you can prefer to rock it sleek.

The good thing is that there’s no wrong or right method to style it. If you decide to simply accept your natural hair’s texture, use hot tools or use a texturizing spray, it’s all about customizing and making the hairstyle personal to you.