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Imagine the scenario: you are already overly stressed out due to this situation what feels like the actual apocalypse. You have just completed streaming those at-home Zoom video conferencing with your colleagues or friends and realize that it has been sometimes since you washed your hair. Thereafter you head to the bathroom and shampoo out one week’s worth of dirt. When you are rinsing away the conditioner, anxiety strikes you because you observe much more hair than usual revolving around the water trap and those panicky adrenaline rises by million percentage points!

It is a well known fact hair loss can be due to several various factors which includes stress, diet, hormonal changes or underlying health issues. With that in mind, it is often critical to follow up with your doctor if you think that something abnormal is going on with you.

Having said that, there also could be some other more reassuring and non serious causes for your quarantine hair loss as listed below.


Accumulative Hair Falling

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Briefly, during this quarantine period, if you know that you are shampooing, styling and brushing your hair less often than those times you had all the freedom, it is likely due to the underlying reason that you have accumulated much more hair to shed when you hit the bathroom. It is totally normal that if you cut down on your daily shampooing and your next wash, you will certainly expect to notice more hair falls. Please do not get alarm over this. The explanation for this phenomenon is simply because hair sheds everyday and in different quantity. It is due to the hair being trapped together and so when you begin shampooing, these hairs will be released in particularly with the conditioner that will make those hair strands even more slippery and untangled.

It is very common that when you brush your hair, some hair will get dislodged and do not panic when you see this. Moreover when we perform a hair collection test for analysis, it is usually that we need to go through over a five days period of no shampooing to enable the hair loss effect.



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It is very common to fall up to 100 strands of hair daily. Hence when you wash every day, you will be expecting to notice around 80 strands of hair falling out and the rest of the amount will be lost throughout the day. When you wash every three days, you will observe three days quantity of hair fall at once. This would be amounted to around 250 to 280 strands of hair which will also depends on the frequency that you brush or style your hair between the shampooing.



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When you are having high fever, please bare in mind that you will be shedding more strands of hair than normally when you are bathing. You may be surprise to know that high fever like those above 39 degC will cause excessive hair falling in six to twelve weeks later. Such hair loss is not permanent and the follicles will grow back the hair naturally as before.



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While it is good to take advantage of the reduced need to upkeep your hair cleanliness during this quarantine period but it is still important keep a regular hair shampooing schedule that will consider your scalp’s natural cycle.

The rule is that you need to treat your scalp like the meticulous way you taking care of your facial skin. Fundamentally, your scalp is ultimately the simple extension of the skin on the forehead.

Overdue and infrequent washing may result in scalp issues that can entail to more serious hair issues. As we know, our scalp is our hair’s support system. It is certainly critical to upkeep its cleanliness and health.

Once again, we should understand our body better than any other people. If anything you feel is abnormal, please follow up with your doctor.



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You may not know that both silk pillowcase and turban can help to protect the hair from friction during your sleep. You can also consider to start your supplement intake especially those with hair enriching nutrients such as Vit C, Vit B12, Vit D3, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iron and the essential amino acids, L-Lysine and L-Methionine.

And finally, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in hair care which will protect your hair if they are becoming fragile and weak.