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You ought to know that despite the type of style that you currently have on, you look fabulous. For most of us, there happens to be a time, in which we are determined invest the time as well as the sweat to leave the hair and just decide to grow it out. However, this is more of a verbal utterance rather than be backed with an action. When you are planning of achieving a particular style and due to the shortcomings of your particular hair type you are unable to achieve this particular style, it is difficult to find a solution. We can now examine the method in which the hair grows and several common reasons this particular growth stops.

The method in which the human hair grows

Been acquainted with the principle behind the growth of human hair can go a long way in making you comprehend the relationship between the life you live as well as several other factors affect the hair length in addition to the rate of growth of the hair. To have your locks lengthened as you wish could be a gruelling task.  The first line of action in seeking and dealing with these issues is to obtain a proper comprehension of the hair you have in relationship to your body.

The entire hair we have start existing from the root in the form of a gathering of cells of protein close to the follicle’s base. The blood that originates from the numerous vessels that are in the scalp nourish the root which effects it growth. As this growth starts from the bottom, the follicle starts extending in an upward manner and it gets past the oil gland which comes right ahead of the hair’s shaft. It is composed of proteins that are dead and it comes right out of the scalp’s surface (the hair’s shaft is the aspect of the hair that can be seen, the hair follicle is located right underneath the hair’s surface). The continuous process of nourishment as well as growth goes on and effects the growth of the hair’s shaft while the protein that is inactive/dead is collected in the skin.

Hair’s Life Cycle

Despite the health or length of the hair it comes with a lifecycle. At some point, the follicle of the hair dies. The proteins stops being fed and then the shaft of the hair stops growing/building. If this happens, the bulb from the proteins which is present next to the root shrivels inwardly which is turned away from the vessels of the blood from the hair’s scalp as well as it will then break off and fall or engage in shedding prior to the formation of a new hair follicle as a replacement.

Reasons for an end in the growth or slowing of hair growth

Reasons are many as well as different as to why there might be issues with your hair growing out the way you want it to be. Several of which can go through some adjustment to give the growth of the hair an enhancement and increase its length. Other reasons simply can’t be improved on. Sometimes, it is hard to get a particular or the actual reason for the retardation of the growth of the hair.


It can beimportant if you keep track or record the problems you encounter with the growth of your hair.  Keep a track of all the solutions to the problem that you have tried in solving the problem as well as the results you obtained while trying several routines and different products. In addition, you should pay attention to what you eat, how you take part in physical activities as well as your stress levels.

This could be an opportunity for the making of well-informed decisions about your hair care regimen on a daily basis, as well it could be a good source of information to talk about along with your hair dresser in your next appointment with them. Your hair dresser may assist you in suggesting helpful tips or cancel out several reasons for the slow growth in hair due to the information you provided.

These are several popular reasons for the stoppage of hair growth which could cause a setback in your style.


First Reason: Your Genetics

Unluckily, this reason cannot be changed. The cycle for the growth of the hair is different for everyone due to the variation in a particular group of genetics. Some lucky people, due to their genetics, can have normal hair growth for a lot of years. While others, due to their genetical make up, have hairs that grow for a short time before it dies and it is shed off.


Short cycle of hair does not necessarily reflect the unhealthiness of your hair. Consider the appearance of your eyebrows and eyelashes. They appear to be shorter compared to your hair due to the fact that by their genetical make u they are meant to have a short cycle of hair growth. Similarly, some people naturally, tend to have short hairs that stops growing at some point in time despite their efforts to continue the hair growth.


Other external genetical issues to the normal growth cycle can also affect this. Fluctuations in the hormones also affects the growth of hair. Hereditary factors, life phases and other changing factors can affect the short length of hair that is uncontrollable. If it is that these cases apply to you, it is helpful to try consulting the services of a hairstylist that is a professional to determine the options for resolution of the problem.


Second Reason: Damaged Hair Scalp

The hair originates from the Scalp. It is the basis of hair nourishment through the hair roots. So, if the Scalp is damaged, it can cause a slow hair growth as well as causing the hair to die prematurely. If the vessels carrying blood to your scalp becomes defective, feeding of your hair follicles might become difficult. When nutrient flow to the root is slowed down, the growth in the follicle is stopped and there becomes a lack of built up dead protein to make the shaft extend.



The scalp can get damaged in several ways; however, the most common way is the issue of dry scalp and a lack of water which causes dehydration. Despite the fact that the external part of the Scalp is not connected to the growth of the follicle, this can still be affected. A scalp that is flaky, cracked  dry can cause irritations and infections.

Hydration also is a critical factor due to the fact a good dosage of water helps in the free flow and easy movement of nutrients around the whole body. This is no exception in the case of the Scalp. Your hair growth will be enhanced if you consume enough water and moisturise the Scalp.


Activities such as scratching also cause a major damage to the scalp. Issues like this can cause nutrients and energy to be channelled away from reaching the hair and rerouted to building up the damaged scalp.

Third Reason: Poor Hair nutrition and growth.

Another causative factor for hair growth stoppage is internal but it can be controlled. Careful and personalised diet is critical to sustaining the health and well-being of every part of your body. The follicles in your body also requires some type of nutrients. So as to thrive and be healthy. If you have an improper diet or chaotic diet fluctuations, it is likely that the growth of the hair will be negatively affected due to this. The cycle for hair growth will probably be short and much less productive due to the inadequacy of the nutrients to nourish the growth of the follicles.


Protein in addition to Iron are the two most critical nutrients to have in mind if you discover that your hair have stopped growing. These are crucial components to an efficacious hair growth. So in the case that the growth of your hair stops and then again starts, you might want to pay attention to your food intake to check if it has constant daily amounts of iron and Protein.


Fourth Reason: Stress and Loss of hair/growth of hair.

This one is more evasive than the other factors and also more tasking to pin down. Everyone experiences different amounts of stress. We all manage stress differently, we don’t get the same amount of stress and there is no generic method to measure the amount of stress experienced by everyone. When we hear or read about stress, we all don’t think about the same actual thing.

In relationship to the health of the follicle and the length of the hair, it is crucial that you have knowledge of the visual indications of the body during stress. If the stress advances from minimal and controllable to extreme and becomes too difficult to manage, it will definitely affect a lot of areas in the body with the hair included.



In combination with the products you use for experimenting on your stress, you can also consider putting down some type of records for your patterns of stress. Creating methods to indicate when you have the most disturbing stress and hair stress affects you physically, can go a long way in making you know how to prevent triggers for stress or rather understand and develop method to combat the stress that affects your life that is inevitable.

Try understanding any patterns of stress that increases in your journal for recording stress that also have a coincidence with the period of difficulty for the growth of your hair.


Fifth Reason: Damage due to styling of the hair

A substantial part of loss of hair growth can be blamed on styling. If the hair is pulled as well as twisted most of the time, it can shrivel the hair follicles, break the hair and make the hair to shed off prematurely. All of these being really crucial hindrances towards the path of having a hair that is long in length. If it is pulled out severely, it can damage or disconnect the root of the hair. This makes getting nutrients for growth for the follicle difficult. This also means that the time needed for the actual productivity and growth, will be taken to repair the hair. If the hair is severely impacted by the pulling, its growth cycle might be ended prematurely or it might be shed off and forced to start all over again.

The force that arises from twisting the hair can break it, sometimes at unequal lengths and can cause the hair to have stunted growth. If the hair follicle is severely twisted in a tight enough manner, it can disconnect and come off the hair before the end of its growth and be prepared for natural shedding.


If you utilize hair up-dos every day and you cannot get your hair to grow some more, you may consider trying hair designs or directions that don’t apply too much pressure in addition to tension on the scalp of the hair. Putting an end to the stress it gives the follicles may be the improvement needed to continue its growth. If that is not a choice, you want to pay attention to the clips and ties in which you use in tying or twisting up the hair to check if you can minimise the amount of twisting and tying.



Techniques and tools for styling can also be a causative factor for strain and stress of the follicles as well as the scalp. Straighteners for hair, brushes, curling rods and irons as well as lots of tools for styling can impact hair growth (or the lack of it). Possibly, chemicals as well as styling that can impact hair growth rate but it is not probable. These things affect the integrity and appearance of the hair shaft more than the vitality as well as the health of the main hair follicle itself.

The thing that crucially impacts the rate of growth is the tools used. Frequent brushing/picking of the hair, tightly curling it or pulling it too hard to make it straight can all lead to different levels of damage in addition to stress. It is directly dependent on the frequency of use of these tools on the hair, the type of tools used as well as the manner in which these tools are used.


Giving the hair around a day or thereabouts to gain back some energy during the styling techniques can go a long way in ensuring that the follicles get enough time to come back from the stress caused by all the twisting, twirling, picking and lastly pulling. If the styling tools you use are what gives your hair its needed style then pay attention to the most frequently used tools. Then try understanding which one, if there are any, contributes to the difficulty in the growth of hair you are so much eager to get.

Can these tools be replaced with better tools that will contribute to a normal growth of the hair? Or can your technique be adjusted when you are using them? Are there available hair products that can possibly simplify this process in the hair? These are the entire factors to pay attention to if you are assessing your style routines and habits for your hair care.

Solutions for Hair growth

Challenges for the hair growth of hair can be caused by different reasons. The possibilities of these can become overwhelming and knowing where to start can be difficult. Fortunately, you can experiment with some processes which can enhance the rate of your hair growth and extend its cycle. Getting an opinion from a professional is also a viable option. Hair stylists that are qualified can be good sources for suggestions as well as information if the issue of the growth of your hair becomes a problem.