Although the timeless balayage colouring technique has been associated with long, beachy hair for a long time and you won’t be able to scroll through social media and not seeing a lot of hair with natural-looking, dimensional colours done by balayage. It is the truth is that “balayage is actually for all hair types, lengths, textures and colours. Thus, balayage is not only for mermaid-length hair, but it’s also possible on shorter hair. It is a great hair colouring technique for people with a short haircut as well long because it is able to frame the face and gives the haircut the additional dimension usually needed for short hair. Balayage is also a low-maintenance method to colour your hair. Even though it’s just the beginning of summer, the balayage-bob trend is already the most popular hairstyle of the season. Hence you may consider to lose some length now for this trend. It is important to note that the level of expertise of your colourist is very important as precise hand-painted highlights are required for this short length hair. This popular trend is best if you consult an expert colourist first about the right tones to use for you. Then, they can create the texture and dimension you desire in your hair and get ready to rock with your new short balayage haircut as it will be a hit. We’ll explain why balayage is an excellent option for people with shorter hair.

How can you achieve balayage with short hair? Balayage and long hair work well together, it’s not surprising. Even if your hair is shorter, the results of hand-painted highlights can still be stunning. The contrast of colour gives the haircut, the dimension and movement with a modern edge. Hence it will create soft, dimensional highlights that run from the middle of your hair to the ends. This is exactly what happens on long hair. Your colourist must ensure that your balayage highlights are harmoniously blended with the root colour to achieve perfect balayage with good dimensions. It is possible for balayage to look like a full head colour application if it is too near to your roots. 

We recommend that you only apply the hand-painted balayage highlights to the top half section of your short hair to achieve the best dimension. This will add a pop of colour to your look with lots of underneath shadowing effect. Technically, the lighter streaks application of balayage is employed because it can complement the short haircut rather than competes with it. 

What is the different about Balayage Application on Bob or other Short Haircuts?

Your cut will dictate where your balayage is placed for the bobs, which is very trendy now. Balayage is typically applied to longer hair from the middle lengths to the ends. This means that shorter haircuts will have slightly different rules when for the handpainted short hairstyles. A one-length, short cut like a blunt bob is ideal for balayage and the objective is to ensure that your balayage appears more dimensional. Your colourist is required to pay attention to the hair exterior when performing balayage on a short blunt bob.

If you have layers that are not visible or blunt, your colourist will cleverly place streaks of balayage all over with a few sections of face-framing (also called money pieces) near to the roots. This will keep it fresh and light, but it is easy to maintain with regular trimmings. To give the same effect to wavy bobs or lobs with thick layers, the colourist will usually place micro balayage to the entire head and smaller pieces of face-framing to create the same effect. This is still more subtle than foil highlights.

Balayage can be cleverly applied on a bob, lob or a layered haircut and face framing or money pieces is very crucial. Longer hairstyles require heavier and more intensive balayage. For shorter hairstyles, lighter balayage can be used as it is more beneficial to suit and match the style rather than to compete with it. For longer hair balayage, the aim is all about saturating the colour to the ends to enable a more captivating colour effect. For bobs, the focus is more on the shape and the definition of the cut to enhance the dimension. Some clients love to have balayage with their bob haircut as they have the feeling that it gives the impression of “fullest” hair appearance and image, especially in the front sections.

If you have Balayage, will it affect your routine hair trimming?

People with shorter hair, particularly if they are having blunt haircut, need to trim their hair more often. Balayage applications for people with bobs or lobs are different. If you have a bob, it is important to apply balayage higher towards the roots. Otherwise, it will cut faster and look less “lived in”. If you want to feel relaxed and unfinished feel, it is important that your balayage application is closer to the roots. However ultimately it still depends on individual preference and hair goals.

Brunette Bobs Balayage  

Balayage is not just for blondes. Balayage can be (and should) also be used on brunettes. It’s often barely noticeable and that’s precisely the point. Balayage can be used to add a subtle, lighter shade (think: chestnut) to brunettes with chocolate tones. This adds great dimension and texture to the hair without changing its colour. We shall share with you some of our stunning balayage for short hair that will certainly make your look pop!

Balayage On Short Hair Ideas

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