You need hairstyles that will suit a prominent nose. Most people will suggest medium styles. Which combination do you think will suit better? Long hair with a big nose of short hair with a big nose? Perhaps there’s a secret list of “best hair colors to suit big noses”.

Not only the nose, the face shape is also crucial to choose the right haircut. Below are the best hairstyles for every face shape. You can choose the one that suits your hair length and personal preferences. We would be grateful for any other advice to contribute to this article.

1. Short hairstyles 

Avoid short, straight hairstyles such as pixies. They will only highlight your features. A textured bob cut is best for short hair. Side parts are great as well as layering and asymmetry.

2. Bob haircut

bob hairstyles

Your nose will appear smaller if you have a messy or layered haircut. Consider your body type when choosing a haircut. A graduated bob flatters curvy figures, while a shorter, more voluminous style with lighter waves suits fragile and thin girls.

3. Layered haircut

medium length layered hair

This will make a prominent nose almost invisible. It’s a multi-level, voluminous cut that will make any face look more mysterious and attractive. If necessary, it can also conceal everything you need to hide.

4. Bangs


Long, voluminous bangs can be worn with any style haircut. They will also make your nose look more delicate visually. You can experiment with the style: go for side-swept, layered, or curtain bangs. Avoid blunt or short bangs as they will emphasize your nose.

5. Side Bangs

20 Side Bang Hairstyles_08

Side-swept bangs are a great choice for a large nose and high forehead.

6. Tease hairstyle

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Your hair can be pinned back to distract from your large nose. For a natural look, separate your hair into strands. Then, gently tease your hair at the back. You can then style your hair in a ponytail or messy bun while still allowing a few strands to fall on your head.

7. Volume and Face-Framing


Avoid tight, snazzy ponytails if your nose is very long. Instead, choose a hairstyle that covers and frames the face with delicate locks.

8. Curls

Beyonce Curly Hairstyles | Beyonce hair, Curly hair styles, Tight curly hair

Textured, voluminous hair will give you a more lively and playful look and distract from your prominent nose. It won’t be the focal point of your face, but it will be balanced with a gorgeous hairstyle. A great look is achieved with large waves and curls, especially if one side is pinned back.

9. Beneficial Hair Colouring

Beautiful and vibrant hair colours draw more attention to the centre of the face and therefore the nose. You can make your hair shine with different colours, reflecting the sunlights, by using highlights or other stylish colouring techniques.

10. Lighten the Hair Colours

The best colors for coloring are the light shades like ashen, light brown and wheat blonde. These colors will make your facial features appear more delicate and softened, while darker shades will outline and highlight certain features.

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