Do you know that there is a hair colour trend ready to influence all of us after the end of quarantine. This trend is not going to tie to a single hair colour like blonde or brunette and as said, this will be for all of us!

As having our hair colour done is still temporarily suspended with hair salons still closed for another couple weeks, thus during this period is the opportunity to figure out what you ought to dip your toes into when everything is back to normal or at least we can taste more freedom.

Moreover, if you are seeking for a hair colour transformation in Singapore for the coming summer months (hope you have not forgotten), this may be the fresh appearance for you to impress your friends or colleagues after isolation for months.

Hairstylist from all over the world have been making prediction for months that chunky highlights trend will be returning with a bang for this year 2020 and it really seems like this is going to come true already.

We have noticed that the likes of J.Lo rocking the hairstyle and leading the trend as well as in a modern iteration of the hair colour fashion Dua Lip with her intense fringe lights.

What’s slightly different this time for chunky highlights is that it is very versatile across various hair colours as well as the application approach.

Hairstylists have been discussing on employing balayage techniques in order to add colour to the lower length of the hair in certain cases and at a nice twist it is not only for blondes.

Colourists are putting in stunning colours of auburn and raspberry to darker hair shades, and rather than having an all-over hair colour, chunky highlights have resulted in hair with an additional dimension which grabs light once the hair is in movement.

The final finishing outlook is modern and refreshing when those colours are applied with the balayage techniques further down from the hair roots and a new hair colour fashion that brunettes may try out.

So will it be possible to have onboard with all these chunky highlights trend after we have been stuck in quarantine for more weeks than we generally go between hair colouring visits to our hair salons?

No worries, this should not be an issue and if you are blonde most of us will require a toner to correct hair which is exhibiting brassiness and then the highlights or balayage can be applied.

We have summarized for you some of the most stunning chunky highlights inspirations that we hope will flatter your look like no other.