For curlies, trying a new hairdo may be intimidating, particularly when it is about the age-old debate over whether to add layers or not. Having a hard time deciding between layers and no layers for curly hair? For all the details you require to make your choice, keep reading.

The Age-Old Debate: Curly Hair Blunt Cut vs. Curly Hair With Layers  

Should you wear layers in or out of your curly hair? The answer is dependent upon your preferences, likes, and hair type.

Your hair’s degree of curliness, texture, density, and desired layering all need to be taken into account. Of course, an expert stylist is a crucial ally when taking layers into account.

It is up to you whether or not to have layers on your curly hair, but sadly, many curlies believe that the only alternative for them is a blunt cut. They may be afraid their hair will be overly thick or puffy or because of a bad haircut they had in the past or for no other reason.

Additionally, there is usually the worry of developing a triangular head. However, it could not be farther from the truth to say that curly hair cannot be layered. Many individuals with curly hair successfully wear a lovely layered appearance. Knowing whether it is the appropriate decision for you is key.

We are going to reply to all of your inquiries in this article, including:

1. What are layers, and do curly hair ladies look good with layers?

2. What benefits do layers provide for hairstyles?

3. Layered versus non-layered curly hair differences

4. Things to consider while thinking about layers

Let us begin right now without further ado.

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Blunt Curly Haircut

What Are Layers?

Let us first examine what layers are, then talk about if you should have them. Even though it can seem quite clear, it is important to know what sort of haircut you will receive if you visit a hair salon and request for layered haircut.

A layered cut creates the appearance that different parts of the hair have been trimmed to various lengths. Hair is removed by a stylist in a manner that causes certain hairs to finish at varying points than others. Imagine, for instance, if each hair was trimmed to be 9 inches long.

This kind of haircutting results in a layered finishing in which the hairs on the crown of the head are not the same length compared to the hairs that grow lower down. These layers may be in connection so that they appear to flow together or they can be disconnected such that one layer is noticeably shorter than the others.

People use layers for a variety of reasons, whether they want a disconnected or connected look:

1. To increase volume, particularly in long, weigh-down hair

2.To re-distribute fullness

3. To reduce body and bulkiness

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Layered Curly Haircut

Blunt Cuts vs. Layers

On the other hand, the majority of individuals would agree that the hairdressers trim all the hair the same length while creating a blunt haircut. It is simple to make this error since every hair comes to an end at the same point. The hairs that grow from the nape are, however, significantly shorter than the hairs on the crown of your head.

Differences Between Layered Curly Hair and Non-Layered

You should be aware of the alterations that layered hair will likely undergo before choosing whether to have them or not.

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Layered Curly Haircut

Layered Haircut Enhances Hair Definition

Anyone with curls will be able to describe how their curly hair spread out as it becomes longer. Without layers, the appearance is often weighed down and heavy. However, strategically layers that are well-placed may help with making beautiful definitions.

How? The weight dragging down curls may be removed, allowing curls to maintain their lovely, natural shape.

Even persons with medium length hair, who frequently have the same issue, might benefit from layers. These people may also take advantage if they request short layers, which will provide the definition that they need.

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Layered Curly Haircut

Curly Hair Layers Need More Maintenance

Regular curly haircuts are essential whether or not you have layers in your curls, but they are much more crucial when you are wearing layers.

You will need to go to the salon regularly to maintain them looking their finest. If you detest going to the hairdresser, bear in mind that blunt cuts tend to need lesser upkeep while choosing between the two.

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Layered Curly Haircut

Layers tend to Enhance the Hair Color

Layers are a great method to bring focus to your curly hair with colored or balayage, particularly when it comes to having highlights.

The varying tones are considerably more noticeable since the layered hair is of different lengths. Additionally, layers tend to enhance the soft highlights in natural hair.

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Blunt Curly Haircut

Hair looks better kept when it has layers.

Non-layered hair sometimes might seem a little out of control since certain sections act in one way while others act in another way differently. On the other hand, strategically placed layers may control your hair and give the impression that you made an effort, even if your hairdresser is the only one.

Layers Enable More Movement

Non-layered hair has more rigidity and structure, which prevents as much bounce, while layers encourage more curl movement. While some individuals support this curl movement, others do not. If you fall into the latter category, layering is usually not a good idea.

Fine Hair will be Pumped Up by Layers

Anyone with curly hair which is fine in texture has certainly experienced lifeless, lackluster curls at some time and non-layered haircuts tends to exacerbate this look. You may be surprised that layers may provide the appearance of a full curly hair, although

The advice, in this case, is that layer length is essential. On fine hair, short layers often look best since they add the greatest volume, but your hairdresser may help you choose what would look well.

Layers Will Bring Out Special Curly Features

Finally, a layered curly hair cut may be a great way to add your personal style. Even from cut to cut, you may obtain a different unique look based on your curly hair type and hair thickness or texture. By removing or adding layers, you may conceal bulky thick hair, enable movement, and alter the volume.

Do I need layers?

Here are some things to consider before having your curly hair layered.

Curl Type

Curls are not all made equal. Understanding your curl pattern type is crucial since curlies with 2C hair has very different styling requirements than those with 4C curls.

Simply told, certain curl types appear better when layered than others, so be sure to take yours into account before choosing whether layers are appropriate for you. For instance, tight curls often look great when they are layered.

This type of curls tends to appear more alive and vibrant because of the way that this kind of layered haircut allows the curls to volumize them and move without adding a lot of additional weight. On the other hand, if looser waves are layered heavily, the result will likely be a puffy appearance.

Hair Texture

Coarse, medium and fine are the three different categories of hair texture. While it is possible to layered all three of these texture types, some do it more effectively than others with better appearance. In general, we may safely conclude that layers look best on coarse hair.

Next are medium textures, and successfully layering fine hair may be difficult. However, having layers is not always impossible if you have fine hair.

You may obtain a stunning appearance as long as you have the perfect layered type (pro tip: avoid thick layers). Similar to how the right layers work well with coarse hair, the incorrect kind of layers might give you a disconnected look.

Hair Thickness

Those of you who have thick hair have surely noticed that, particularly with the improper cut, it may seem heavy. Your hair begins to seem bulky as it becomes longer.

This bulkiness eventually starts to stand out more and begins to take on an unwelcome triangular appearance for curly individuals. Layers might help take away excess bulk and weight for a more flowy appearance.

Although curlies with thick hair should be considered layers, not everyone favors them. If you belong to this group, you may get rid of the bulk at the bottom of your head to form pseudo-layers.

Face Shape

Do not forget to take your facial shape into account. No matter the shape of the face, layers look well on practically everyone with straight hair. Curls, however, cannot be claimed to be the same. Curlies with oval or round faces are the finest candidates for layers.

These shapes go well with this kind of layered haircut, and if the layers are placed correctly, they may make you appear gorgeous.

However, it would be better to avoid layering if your face is square or diamond-shaped. Layers tend to provide a strange illusion with these shapes and might make your face seem oddly lengthy.


Are you trying to cut down on the time you spend maintaining your curls? If so, you could think about going for a layered appearance. You will find that you may put a lot less daily work and time into drying and styling your curly hair since there will be fewer hairs for you to deal with.

However, bear in mind that you will need to make up for the time in the salon for what you do not need to do every day at home. Maintaining the health of your layered locks requires regular cutting.


Do you like voluminous and thick curls or do you favor a more toned down and subdued appearance? Adding layers will help you attain your desired look of having your curls centre and front for anyone to see.

Layers are certainly not for you, if you do not wish for too much volume in your hair or just do not like your curls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can short, curly hair be layered?

Yes! As long as you maintain two to three inches of length around the head, shorter styles look fantastic with layers. Pixie cuts with texture may also look good.

What products should you use to prevent frizzing in your curly hair?

Applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair, whether you have layers or not, is a great way to prevent frizz. Try a normal conditioner instead if you have fine hair; it should not weigh your hair down as much.

What are cascading layers?

When the stylist cuts layers across the hair’s mid-lengths and ends, the finished result is known as cascading hair layers. The result is a soft, bouncy and flowy appearance that is suitable for longer hair.

Does layering make hair thinner?

Not at all, no. While layers assist to give the appearance of thicker hair, blunt cuts instead may make your hair’s ends seem thin and unruly.

What products should you be using for your layered hair?

The purpose of layers is to increase volume; thus, it is beneficial to include a volumizing product in your hair care regimen. They come in spray, powder, and cream varieties.

Final Thoughts on Curly Hair Blunt Cut vs. Curly Hair With Layers  

You now have all the knowledge that the curlies who are contemplating layers will need to know. The choice is ultimately yours, although there are still many differences between the two styles. The ideal strategy will be to work out with your stylist based on the kind, texture, and density of your hair.