• Hair mousse is a very popular product which is used for styling that hold and bounce, as well as lift. It also shapes curls, hydrates and helps fight frizz and humidity.
  • There’s a perfect hair mousse that is suitable for all hair types, excluding curly, dry hair.
  • Hair mousse is to be applied on damp (not dry or wet) hair in a tennis ball size quantity.

Based on the type of hair, It can be quite difficult and challenging to style your hair. There are a myriad of concerns and questions to consider, based on the thickness of your hair and its texture. From what hair mousse is to how you can use it in styling hair and the distinctions in hair mousse and different products to style your hair. This is your complete guide to hair mousse you shouldn’t skip!

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What Is Hair Mousse and What Does It Do?

With the many types of products for styling your hair, it can be confusing to understand what distinguishes each product. How does hair mousse differ from the traditional hair spray and styling gel?

It may seem like a product that’s confusing but the truth is that it’s simple to use. Also known as styling foam or hair foam, the hair mousse can be described as a hair styling product that meets multiple needs in a single easy to use bottle such as providing bounce, hold and creating lift.

Hair mousse also has additional benefits including moisture and nutrients infusion to increase definition and shine as well as help to fight humidity, act as heat protectant and also provide hairstyle versatility. Hair mousse is recognized for its ability to prevent the build-up of product which is a problem that can be found in conventional styling gels and sprays.

The formula of hair mousse is made up of alcohol, water and active ingredients contained in aerosol bottles which give the mousse a light, foamy texture. Polymers, oils as well as chemicals are included in the formula to nourish, moisturize and enhance the shine, and to increase volume and make it thicker and reduce frizz.

The multitasking product was initially created in France It was later introduced in North America by L’Oreal in the early 1980s. The first version came typically in an aerosol foam spray. It was also available in cream foam.

Because of the big hair-do trend of the 1980s the hair mousse became a serious regular staple product. Although different hairstyles have evolved, the volumizing mousse has remained to be a popular choice throughout the years, but it has evolved to give a more flexible hold that isn’t crunchy when we touch it, thanks to the new alcohol-free formulas.

Who Should Use Hair Mousse?

It’s true that almost everyone can use hair mousse. There are a variety of choices that are made for different hair styles and types. Hair foam is not one size fits all solution.

Hair mousse, just as the other hair products, is typically formulated specifically for particular hair types and textures in the mind. It’s therefore essential to read the description of the product and make sure that the mousse you’re thinking of buying is made specifically for your hair type and texture.

If you’ve heard of the system for hair typing, you’ll know that there are four main hair types. Type 1 , which is straight hair, Type 2 is a little wavy hair, while type 3 is curly hair, and type 4 is hair that is kinky coily.

Additionally, there are a myriad of mousse weights. Some are described as lightweight while others are more dense. A lightweight hair mousse is perfect for curly or wavy hair, while a dense formula is better for thin as well as straight hair. Conditioning mousse is the best choice for dry hair, whereas mousse gel works as a mix product that gives great hold but does not look as synthetic like hair gel.

But, there are some hair types that shouldn’t be relying on mousse. Particularly, parched curly hair that is constantly in need of moisture must avoid hair mousse.

Be aware that not every person who is naturally curly is suffering from an issue with moisture. You’ll notice that the hair you have is extremely dry as it feels dry and brittle. If that’s your case then you should skip mousse.

Hair Mousse vs. Hair Gel vs. Hairspray

Okay, now that you have understood more about hair mousse, but how is it different from other hairstyling products? Is there when one choice is superior or inferior than the other?

Hair Mousse

It is one of the most versatile hair products for styling. It can be used to style various hair textures, types and lengths. It reduces frizz, defines curls, and adds volume and thickness, with a lightweight hold. The only drawback is that the hold it provides isn’t as durable like the ones you achieve with hairspray or styling gel.

Hair Gel

At the most fundamental level, hair gel is the name suggest, it is a jelly-like substance used to shape and style the hair. It’s wet to the touch and then it dries as it is in contact with the surrounding air. It’s thick, however it is easy to work with your hair.

Gel typically provides stronger hold when compared with hair mousse, and is suitable for hairstyles that require a well-defined or sculpted look. But it is dependent on the level of hold, hair gel may give your hair the characteristic stiff look and feel. If it’s not alcohol-free, you may experience hair gel product build-up in the form of white flakes.

Styling wax, hair pomade, hair cream and styling wax are like hair gels which are used for shaping, defining and making hair texture and body to give a hydrated long lasting look.


Hairspray is a spray that is best employed to fix or set the hair after you have completed styling your hair. It’s great for getting rid of the flyaways, or making sure that heat styled curls and waves last all day and evening. However, the constant application of hairspray daily could cause serious build-up of products that requires regular washing.

Reasons Why You Should Use Hair Mousse

If you’ve had trouble trying to style your hair properly, perhaps it’s the time to put aside the images of crunchy, hard hairstyles that were popular in the 1980s and instead take on the new version of hair mousse. If you’re still looking for additional reasons why mousse is your hair’s latest BFF, continue reading.

* Because Hairspray Isn’t Always Effective

It’s nothing more frustrating than spraying hair up to heaven only to step outside to find it falling flat or developing into a hefty cotton candy ball of curls. Hairspray is wonderful but it’s not without limitations. In particular the issue is humidity. Hair mousse is more effective at combating humidity and other forms of weather-related precipitation.

* For Curls Which are Not slicked down

If you’ve got curly hair it may feel like there are only two options to choose from: cotton candy or slicked down oily hair. If slicked down hair is your style then go ahead with the hair gel. However, if what you’re seeking is a definition in which you and the rest of the world can see your curl pattern and texture, a quality hair mousse specifically formulated for curly hair is the best option. Mousse helps to define and moisturize curls without making them feel weighed down.

* Because You Want Volume That Moves

We understand that you don’t want to appear like a throwback to the 1980s. This means that you’ll want big hair with great volume. But you desire for the wind to to blow through it to create the perfect photoshoot. A great volumizing mousse will tick both boxes by lifting your hair at the roots, boosting bounce, and keeping your hair soft and silky – and, most importantly lightweight.

* Hair Mousse Tends to Be Goof-Proof

If you only use just the standard tennis ball amount of mousse to style your hair, it will be difficult to ruin a hairstyle by using hair mousse. So long as you adhere to the instructions on the package and follow the directions on the packaging, you can rest assured that you’ll leave with a hairstyle that appears exactly how you desire it to be.

* Added Benefits All in One Styling Product

If you’re someone who is heavily dependent on heating tools for styling, a good hair mousse can offer protection against heat while keeping your hair looking healthy no matter what hairstyle you choose to wear. Other benefits include the ability to infuse moisture, prevent breakage and many other benefits that will help to reduce the amount of product you require for your hair. This also helps speed up the process of your everyday beauty routine.

How to Use Hair Mousse Properly

Now, you are clear on the purpose of hair mousse and what it is not as well as the reason why you should consider using it. However, is there a right and incorrect way to use this multi-tasking hair care wonder? Yes there are definitely the right and wrong methods to use mousse. So, keep reading for quick dos and don’ts.

The most basic steps for applying hair mousse are:

  • Shake the bottle, and then apply the product in a small amount (tennis ball amount) on freshly washed , damp hair, spreading it from the root to the tip.
  • Add more products to those areas that didn’t get moussed up.
  • Make use of your diffuser in the blow-dryers to style waves and curls in the way you want.

Always begin with clean hair

As is the case with the rest of beauty care, it is essential to begin with a clean base. The application of hair mousse on hair that is dirty will only cause product build-up which can affect the final look.

Don’t Use Too Much Product

The most common way to make a mistake using hair mousse is applying excessive amounts of product. In the event that you overuse it, you’ll end up with a stiff and crunchy hair. A majority of people can handle an amount that is tennis ball-sized. However, those with thicker or longer hair might want to consider an extra tad. It’s best to begin with the size of a tennis ball and add more as you require.

Damp – Not Wet – Hair Is Best

Mousse is best when applied to damp hair so be sure to squeeze off any excess water that has accumulated. To get the best results, try drying your hair using T-shirts to avoid breaking the hair.

Use the Right Blow Dryer Attachment

No matter if you have curly, wavy or straight, a blow-dryer can be a great method to define the style you’re looking to create. Whatever your hair type, do not use a blow dryer without an attachment. If you have hair that is curly or wavy you should invest in a quality diffuser attachment to dry your hair without affecting the curl pattern. However, straight hair must be dried using the help of a concentrator nozzle in order to limit frizz.

Be aware of the fact that even though it’s possible to put mousse on damp hair, then let it air dry, and produce great results that can be styled and restyled throughout the day. If you’re looking for a structured defined style, blow drying is your best alternative.

Keep Mousse at the Roots for Short Hair

For truly thin hair mousse can be used to lift your roots and give them definition. Make sure to apply your mousse at the root area using a wide tooth or one of your fingers.

The Volumizing of Long Hair with Hair Mousse

If your hair is wet, you should focus the application of your hair mousse to your hair’s roots. It is important to apply a volumizing mousse product for most effective results. Depending on the time you have, you are also able to carefully apply the mousse section-by-section or to turn your head and then quickly apply it to your hair’s roots as your hair hangs down. After you have spread the mousse, you can use your blow-dryer using a concentrator nozzle. Concentrate on your roots in order to ensure building the lift.

Defining Curls

When your hair is wet, apply mousse evenly across your hair starting from the root to the tips. By using a diffuser attachment, blow-dry your hair, or choose to dry it with an air dryer. You can squish your hair using your hands to set your curls.

Extra Tips for Using Hair Mousse

It’s possible that you’ll be feeling like a hair mousse expert after reading this article. However, here are some more tips and tricks that will make you more like a hair mousse professional.

Match Your Mousse to Your Hair Type

As we’ve mentioned before, not all mousse products are all created to be the same. Some are specifically formulated to address problems like anti-humidity or specifically for certain hair types. Make sure that the mousse for your hair you are planning to purchase is specifically designed for your particular hair type and any specific hair problems you might have.

Opt for an Opposite Side Part

Even if you usually part your hair on the left side, try an opposite part which is on the right side to immediately lift your hair’s roots.

Be careful when mixing styling Hold Products

If you already use hair mousse for your hair then you don’t need to apply another super-hold styling wax or hair gel. However, if you decide to add them to your hair-styling routine, make sure you are cautious about how much product you apply. The addition of too many styling products could result in hard, brittle hair that will unnecessary result in product build up.

Don’t Apply Mousse to Dry Hair

The best hair mousse is applied to damp hair. If you attempt to apply it on dry hair you’ll end up with dull, flat hair.