Layered hair drops over sufficient votes from the sweetness realm to become contemplated a absolute favored. Layered hairstyles adapt towards the kind of one’s hair giving you a gorgeous feel if your own hair is thick, thick, moderate or slender, curly, wavy or straight, small, shoulder length or even long. They take away the majority from brittle hair from moderate and very long layered hair cuts and supply volume and body for nice hair of almost any span. So, choppy cuts, likely, being among one of the most common asks in the hair salons now. They are very versatile, because you can wear your medium and long hair with layers loose or pull it into a classy updo, a casual ponytail, braid it, twist it, well, – play with it to your heart’s content. We offer you new, trendy short layered haircuts and hairstyles as well as classy long and medium cuts with layers you will enjoy styling and wearing for sure!


Brightest Medium Layered Hair to Light You Up

medium layered haircut for thick hair

Every girl wants to look female and well-groomed, but taking into consideration the feverish rhythm of contemporary life, practicality is seen as the primary benefit of our regular hairstyles. Having read this guide, you will discover more about today’s hottest and incredibly universal medium length layered hair. You will be surprised by the diversity of hairstyles and coloristic options which may be carried out on its foundation. And, surely, you will have the ability to locate your very own universal assortment of layered haircut. A couple straightforward principles to grasp is all it requires to appear chic daily.


Cute Layered Hair and Cuts for Long Hair



Long layered hair seem fantastic even if they’re simple. Not everybody can manage to cultivate their hair . Some just can not transcend a”genetic span”others struggle with brittleness, and from time to time, long hair may only be a burden — it’s literally hefty. If you are in the previous group, layered cuts would be the ideal alternative. It is possible to increase your hair to envious spans with no heaviness that that hair communicates with it.


Layered Bob Styles: Modern Haircuts with Layers for Any Occasion

We wonder if there is any girl or girl out there who hasn’t attempted a bob haircut. With many different finishes and lengths, there is, for certain a bob that matches your face and matches your hair type. Modern on-trend bobs elect for layering that functions for the growth or decrease in volume and makes the total appearance present-day and chic. Another issue is when picking a suitable trimming, we always consider how we’re going to style it. Making a stake on low-maintenance, ease and up-to-date looks, more and more celebrities and bloggers are rocking stylish bob hairstyles with grading, highlights and natural-looking finishes. Why to not follow the illustrations of their most renowned trend-setters on this issue? Anyhow, there is a complete gallery of posh bob fashions here with all of the contemporary spins it is possible to imagine. Thus, don’t hesitate to join!


Cute and Easy-To-Style Short Layered Hair

Short layered hairstyles are extremely hot in the fashion and beauty sector right now! They are sometimes sassy, sexy, chic or sweet! This guide will offer you an inside look in 70 distinct types of brief textured hairstyles which are presently flourishing on the fashion scene!



Cute and Effortless Long Layered Hair cuts with Bangs

Why? Everybody desires a flattering hairstyle, so that is also stylish, effortless-looking and suitable. When you would like to showcase your lovely long locks, try out a layered hair cut. Layers make hair manageable and remove the bothersome variable of more strands becoming the way or slipping in to your face every now and then. If you want to rock your hair with no pin, catch some straight-cut or layered bangs.



Inspiring Long Layered Bob Hairstyles

The conventional bob as we all know it arrived on the scene from the 1920s and has stayed a go-to staple in hairstyling ever since. Nowadays, there are lots of contemporary takes with this classic. Among the most universally flattering is that the long layered bob. It owns the sassiness of its predecessor, but without the dedication of moving too brief, in addition to the layers include a new amount of motion. It is actually the best transition cut if you are easing your way from long to short hair or only trying to find a seasonal swap up.


Two-Layer Haircuts Your Hairstylist Will Approve Too

A two-layer haircut might appear somewhat old fashioned, as stylists around the world promote cutting your own hair in numerous layers. On the other hand, the greater the better isn’t necessarily a surefire approach to update and update your own locks. Cut them in two layers and you’ll enjoy the beauty of minimalism!


Feathered Hair Looks to Show Your Stylist

When we think of hair that is wavy, we frequently turn to the years ago. Pictures of tv icon Farrah Fawcett together with her vintage’70s feathered hair spring to mind. However, did you know the design is just as popular now as it was then? Keep reading to find out more about feathered the many ways in which you are able to draw that’70s flair to the 21st century.


V-Cut and U-Cut Hairstyles to Angle Your Strands to Perfection

long layered V haircut

There is something to be said for a winning haircut, and not only how great it looks, but also how it makes you feel. In fact, there are dozens of methods to reduce hair in varying lengths, but there are just two ways that appear to flatter nearly all hair types. The V-Haircut and also the U-Cut are fairly high-definition phrases based on their titles and the form that they produce to your own hair. The”V” is layered to make a V-shaped stage in the ends, while the”U” is mostly round on the sides into the endings. The excellent thing about these haircuts is that they flatter long, medium and short hair evenly, by producing depth, dimension and motion inside your strands.


We Embrace Your Blonde Hair

We are the BEST Blonde Specialists in Singapore


Hera Hair Beauty is the leading Expats hair salon in Singapore for providing blonde hair colour and blonde highlights services. We are proud to provide only the best, safest and up-to-date products and colour line available with the most advanced techniques.


One thing that separates us from typical salons is that we provide premium class advanced hair colour techniques that focused towards creating natural looks specialty techniques such as Ombre, Balayage, Advanced foiling, babylights, colour melting/shadowing which we will be elaborating. We have renowned international hairdressers hailed from London, USA, Dubai etc, who are colour directors and blonde specialists for more than decades.


When you come for your first colour or highlights appointment, it will begin with a thorough consultation which includes a hair and scalp assessment. Please note for all new clients a skin allergy test is required 48 hours before booking any colour service. The consultation will focus on your desired colour and if you wish for a subtle or more dramatic change. Our blonde specialist will also takes these into consideration your skin tone, facial features and eye color to select the your ideal shade. The hair’s texture is also evaluated and they will also take note on any gray hairs for covering the lighter strands.



Look no further, visit our Hera Hair Beauty salon and have a consultation with one of our talented international hairdresser to discuss how would our different layered hair cut techniques will work for you.


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