Perhaps it’s the streaks of creativeness a lot people have been indulging through this lockdown, or maybe it is the urge to mix up things a bit in the hair apparently due to endless deprivation of hair salon appointments. Nevertheless, there is a fresh hair colour in Singapore as well as in the world, and a number of our favourite well-known faces are right into it. Everybody from Lady Gaga into Taylor Swift had threw caution to the wind and dyed their hair colours of pink, out of sugar-spun pastels to bold neon.


Pink hair is a trendy hair colour that mixes paler shades of red on lighter strands. It is well sought after colour for now, and also this bubble gum colour will not be moving anywhere off the fashion list anytime soon! There is an important agenda that you are required to contemplate is the colour of skin. Tan to dark skin tones will be the most fortunate because almost any shades of this dreamy pink colour looks fantastic on these skin tones. People who have lighter complexions often seem more magnificent with lighter or brighter shades.


Next, you will want to be aware that beginning with a darker brunette hair colour may have another result in contrast to beginning with a blonde hair colour. The darker your own hair is, the longer colouring sessions it takes to get into a light vibrant pink colour. It’s possible to have fun with this funky colour and pick from the huge range of pink shades which could vary from a bright and daring neon into a muted and subtle pastel.


Take a glance at these pink hair colours, and try this rosy colour on your next hair salon visit!


Dua Lipa

pink hair 1

© @dualipa

Sarah Michelle Gellar

© @sarahmgellar


Jennifer Love Hewitt

© @jenniferlovehewitt


Taylor Swift

© @taylorswift


Lady Gaga

© @ladygaga


Lastly, you may consider to dip your toes in this stunning finishing of a harmonious blending of peachy and rosy colours for a soft flirty touch. The perfect match of these two colours is breathtaking and goes beautiful on fair skin tones.