Face shape is quite important when it comes to short hair; one style does not suit all. If your own face is heart shaped, then you are fortunate that almost every hairstyle can suit you. If your forehead is large, and face is long you should go with something that’s less volume.It should make the face appear softer. So what if you’ve got a round face and need shorter hair? We have some hints for you. The following we have some of the our latest inspirations for short hairstyles.

It is very challenging to find a short haircuts that will perfectly match your round shape face. Keep in mind that largest parts of these women with round faces is near the ears. This is the most important reason why it is necessary that you need to wisely and professionally pick a perfect short hair cuts that will have the ability to conceal this feeble point. If you aren’t very careful, you will end up with a haircuts which can produce the effect of your face looking bigger than it is.




One of the very good hairstyle would be to get side bangs touching near the cheek bones so they can frame the face and make great beautiful angles. Another great hairstyle is to get a side parted long bangs which comes near to the chin.This will soften the roundness of their cheeks. Besides, an ideal short haircut is an ear length bob hairstyle with an angled bangs landing stylishly on the forehead. Short hairstyles with straight equal bangs can results in a face looking rather rounder and childish. The bangs should be precisely trim directly above the eyelashes as a good reference from cheekbone to cheekbone, angling them down at the sides about three quarters of an inch.

A collarbone-grazing short haircut can also be as effective as it has a balancing effect. The fullest part of a round face would be that the cheeks, so in this hairstyle the weight in the ends of strands enhances angles along the jawline. Cut in almost one single length,including a couple of soft layers in the bottom for the addition of depth. Don’t be reluctant to go exceptionally short. Getting a textured fringe, paired with short, tapered sides, gives definition into a round face. Be sure to request for softness round the ears because clipping too much will make the ladies to appear too masculine.

short haircut for round face

Sleek short haircuts may result in a round face looking even more round, and cutting texture will remove the roundness. If you have naturally straight hair, apply mousse from the roots and give it some quick curl with curling wand. A rough bob is very flattering on round faces. This usually means that the perimeter of your hair needs to be “razored” with precise light cut around the ears and face to remove the weights.


short haircut for round face 2



Last but not the least, communicate with your hairstylist. Just do not walk in and just say to him that, “I need a “trim” or “short hair cut.” The hair stylist is a professional, she’ll look at you in person and provide guidance to you on what will look perfect on you and ensuring you to look like a star when you leave the salon. If you already have something specific or desire hairstyles in mind then don’t forget to have a photograph of a celebrity or model with the exact same hairstyle. This will help the stylist know what you want and save you from any hairstyle faux pas, as it will take a very very long time to repair a wrong haircut.