What exactly is a U-shape haircut?

We definitely have many options when it comes to trendy new haircuts. The U-shape haircut is certainly nothing new, as hairstylists would know. But over the last few weeks, this technique of U-shape haircut has become very popular on TikTok due to a few stylists showcasing their most current work (not to mention clients obsessed with their new look).ย U-shaped haircuts look stunning on practically everyone because they give hair depth and dimension. The cut makes it easier for hair to lie flat while generating a lot of movement by removing bulk from the ends and shaping it into a gentle “U” shape in the back. When you have medium to long hair, U-shaped cuts are simple to do at home. If your hair is not at least shoulder length, let it grow out before getting a U-shape cut, or engage a hairdresser to create the haircut for you. Our infatuation with voluminous hair is still going strong as fall approaches.

Consider the U-shaped haircut as a method to have long hair at your back and shorter hair around your face, giving you the best of all worlds. We like that the U-shape more closely resembles the way hair grow out naturally. It is often worn with layers for creating movement and flow of the hair. Additionally, this is a great option if you want to avoid having the hair around your face lay completely flat while growing it out. One-length haircuts might appear thick and bulky, but lighter ends indicate more volume and movement.

Although a U-shaped cut will need far less upkeep than any blunt haircut, it does not imply you can skip the remainder of the year’s hair care or cut. Generally speaking, we advise seeing your stylist every two or three months to update that hairline.

What is a U-shape haircut, then? This haircut is pretty much what it says on the box and the trends on TikTok enable us to revive an old hairstyle with new eyes, as we have already seen with the curtain bangs as well as the wolf haircut. The back and center of your hair must be longer than the sides in the U-shape cut and it is almost similar to the popular classic V-shape haircut. For the U-shaped haircut, when the hair is dry, it will fall in a manner that gives off a somewhat curved profile. The U-shape haircut is a more versatile, soft, subtle shape. This enables layers with a more uniform contour. In other words, if you choose layers, they will blend in perfectly and harmoniously with the rest of your hair rather than being bulky and noticeable, as is often the case for other haircuts.ย ย The delicate and soft U-shape haircut popularised by TikTok can be your best option if you dislike layers and do not want to chop off inches to achieve that coveted fullness of your hair.

What advantages does the U-shape haircut have?

Beyond everything mentioned above, the U-shape haircut’s greatest advantage is its capacity to give fine or thin hair the appearance of being much thicker and voluptuous. A few U-shape layers immediately will enhance fullness, as shown by TikTokers @thelucycao & @virginia ongkili, as the shorter sides fall gracefully over the long lengths.

The U-shape haircut is very versatile and you may experiment with different lengths, chopping it down to the mid back from the shoulder blades. The U-shaped hairstyle has face framing layers, which provide depth and prevent hair from seeming limp, is one great terrific feature. You may choose the quantity of layers you desire and you can even wear it with curtain bangs or more structured fringe with it. Most importantly, people with thinner or finer hair may maintain thickness and volume thanks to this U-shaped haircut technique.

The U-shape haircut appears as straight as it is wavy or curly if there is any reference from the TikTok. Most hairdressers, though, are bent on a big, bouncy blow-dry to properly highlight the layers, and the U curve since the 1990s is not going anywhere. If you just wish for mild beachy waves, a U-shape haircut may also be made to appear fuller if those big bouncy waves are not your taste.

How is the U-shape haircut styled?

All hair colours look fantastic with this cut; however, certain hair highlights techniques will accentuate the layers further. The ombre and balayage highlighting techniques are currently very popular in hair salons. Because the layers and different lengths will show off the colour’s nuances gorgeously, this ombre or balayage highlighting techniques of transitioning from dark to light hair is ideal for the U-shape haircut and they will work in perfect synergy.

If you are those who prefer loose waves and gentle, subtle curls, these waves tend to complement the soft curve that the U-shaped haircut creates with the ends of your hair. For the creation of textured, relaxed waves or for the just-left-the-beach appearance, just take little strands of hair and wrap them around the curling wand at various angles. Before using the heat, use a heat protectant as it protects against the drying effects of hot tools for all hair types. After that, use a soft bristle brush or comb with broad teeth to produce a looser, more voluminous appearance.

The U-shape haircut would look great on sleek, straight hair with a bouncy wavy blow-dry.

But even if you like air-dried hair, you can still easily style this U-shape haircut using a heat-free technique. You may consider using a diffuser during blow drying for more natural waves and volume without too much heat.

U-shaped haircut

How is the U-shape haircut maintained?

To keep a layered style looking good, it is advisable to get frequent trims as maintenance. You may visit a hair salon every six to eight weeks to just have any split ends dusted away.

Internal layering, which is also known as invisible layers that cut in underlying the top part of the hair, highlights the style by immediately and quickly boosting its texture and volume.

How can you ask for a U-shape haircut from your stylist?

The objective is to provide images or videos of the cuts you desired. It is recommended that you request for soft layers all around, a great ‘U’ shape haircut for fullness, and an overall trim to get rid of dead or split ends. Besides the U-shaped haircut and the face-framing layers, it is also advisable to ask for a blend of medium to long layers from the hairstylist. Fortunately, all licensed hair stylists will fully understand this specific popular U-shaped haircut trend.