Flat, fine hair may look simple to style. After all, fine hair does not need much blow-drying and can be easily styled into a range of fashionable hairdos, such as flirtatious Barbie ponytails, carefree beach waves, attractive fishtail braids, and pretty half-up hair. However, a lot of individuals with this hair type may tell you that it can be challenging to add natural-looking volume or keep curls in place β€”no one wants limp, drooping hair by the middle of the day. For people with fine, flat hair, you may discover here how to create a magnificent volume that lasts till happy hours. Need proof? Here are some very gorgeous hairstyles for voluminous or voluptuous hair. This collection includes styles for weddings, date nights, and special occasions, that ranges from glamorous vintage waves to rocker-chic shags hairstyles.



Timeless, carefree and effortless beachy waves are not only for the beach. At any hair length, this flawlessly imperfect hairstyle looks stunning and works well for every occasion. You can style these beachy waves for va-va-voom volume in a few easy steps whether you have shoulder-length waves or longer lengths. Apply heat protectant spray to dry hair first, then roll a 1.5-inch curling wand through it. Have your hair curled in a variety of directions to get the signature unkempt, tousled and messy waves. Once you have curled your hair completely, apply it with texturizing spray to add additional volume and give you that vacation-by-the-beach appearance.


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hollywood waves

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Hollywood waves can instantly transform you into a movie star, no red carpet is necessary. Hollywood waves were inspired by stars like Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake. The 1920s saw the debut of the retro hairdo for actresses, and stars like Gemma Chan, Megan Thee Stallion, Amanda Seyfried still sporting it today. Hair should be parted to the side and blow dry smoothly with a round brush to achieve the elegant Hollywood waves at home. After curling hair with a 1-inch barrel tong, pin it and let it cool for 10 minutes. Brush the smaller sections of hair downward will help to relax the curl. Apply a little amount of hairspray to seal in the style and maintain your gorgeous waves all day.


half up half down

The half-up, half-down style will look great on you regardless of your hair color, texture or length. This style goes from day to night and is perfect for hiding oily second-day hair. There are also many innovative techniques to enhance eye-catching volume and draw hair strands away from your face. Consider Lana Del Rey’s appearance. Face-framing strands on each side of the star’s face and a lot of volume up top define her Sharon Tate-inspired look. Pin up the half portion of your hair with a elastic or clip to reproduce the beautiful volume. Tease the top of your hair into a high crown for a striking half-up hairstyle.


Another trick to get a fake ponytail by using a claw in the middle of your pony tail.


One of the most adaptable hairstyles available is the ponytail, which is flirtatious, fun, and playful. The high ponytail worn by Beyonce is sweet and short with a lot of volume on top. Start with second-day hair to reproduce the style. Take a section of hair approximately two to three inches on each side from the front of your face. Utilize a teasing brush to backcomb your hair after applying dry shampoo to the roots. After that, clip in a three-clip weft at the crown and a four-clip weft at the roots around the back of your head. To add thickness, you may stack two or more wefts together. You may then pull your hair back together into a high ponytail. Two one-clip wefts should be clipped into divided hair sections as you go toward the rear of your head. Have your natural hair brought over the wefts, then pull it back into the ponytail with the rest of your hair. Secure with an elastic. Wrap one-inch of hair sections around a one-inch curling wand to give your pony a flirtatious wave. To add even more volume, tease the ponytail’s top using a teasing brush. To finish the style, try misting your hair with hairspray.

The 70s SHAG CUT

The shag cut, made famous by celebrities like Mick Jagger and Stevie Nicks, is distinguished by its bangs, choppy layers and wild texture. Stars like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez are now sporting this edgy style in a variety of trends, including the shag mullet and wolf cut. This layered haircut naturally adds volume, and maintaining or styling it at home requires little effort. To get a voluminous finishing result, you may either let it air dry or add texturizing spray to the tousled style. To play up your natural texture if you have wavy or curly hair, add a curl cream and let it air dry. Before blow drying straight hair, apply mousse or style lotion to wet hair. While blow drying, scrunching the hair upwards will add volume.


curtain bangs with layerslong bob curtain bangs 2

If you like the lob, think about adding a sweet set of curtain bangs to spice it up. These wispy bangs were first seen on stars like Goldie Hawn, Farrah Fawcett and Brigette Bardot in the 1960s and 1970s. They are often swept, like curtains, to each side of the face or parted in the center. The angled bangs are longer on the sides and shorter in the middle, which draws attention to the eyes.

Use a blow dryer and a 1-inch round brush to add volume to your curtain bang lob. Blow dry damp bangs on either side until they are around 50% dry. The hair should then be parted along the middle and wrapped around your round brush. During the blow-drying process, move the brush up, back, and forth to get the personalized curtain bang shape. For a perfect final touch, spritz some texture spray on the ends of your bangs.


Hera Hair Beauty is the best hair salon Singapore for wash and blow or hair blowout, curls

You can have a bouncy blowout your own without the need to make an appointment with your hairdresser. With volumizing conditioner and shampoo and heat protectant spray and then using your blow dryer, you can accomplish this statement look at the comfort of your home. Apply a thickening or volumizing spray to your hair after it has been shampooed and prepared to have the hair at the roots lifted. Then have your whole head misted with the texturizing spray. You may now switch on the blow dryer. For incredible volume, blow-dry your hair upside-down. Use a round brush as what hairdresser has been using after your hair is nearly dry. Start by brushing the hair starting at the root. Pull the brush toward the ends of your hair while you blow dry. Pull the brush back toward the roots once you have reached the end. Blast some cold air to help maintain volume without frizz. Repeat on the remainder of your hair until it is blow-dried to a salon-quality blowout finishing.


Low Side French Braid Hairstyles

Look no further than this voluminous side braid if you are looking for the ideal braid hairstyle to make you feel exceptional. This beautiful hairdo will attract attention whether you are going to a summer party or on the first day of class.

To begin by adding loose waves to your natural hair with a curling iron. To reduce heat damage, spray locks with a heat-protectant spray. Bring your hair to one side of your head once it has been curled. Split hair at the temples, then use three clips to firmly secure in a weft. Take a hair section from the top, then use an elastic band to tie it in a ponytail. Flip the ponytail over, carefully create a small opening in the elastic, and insert the hair through the opening. This will make up the braid’s topsy-tail section. Next, use the hair from the opposite side of your head and make another ponytail. Create a second topsy tail. Continue the same procedure in order to get three or four topsy tails from the temple to the ear. At the roots, beneath the bottommost tail, secure firmly a three-clip weft. Your remaining hair should be gathered and braided into a fishtail. To firmly tied the bottom, use an elastic band. Try pulling apart little pieces of the braid gently as a final touch to add more volume and make it appear full and thick. To liven it up, even more, add some sparkling hair accessories such as flowers, clips or a headband.


Hera Hair Beauty is the best hair salon Singapore for wash and blow or hair blowout, curls

glamorous waves

Want to glam up your appearance? Think about giving your Velcro Hair Rollers a spinning. You can easily get lovely, bouncy hair with these old school, vintage rollers. The fact that they do not use heat, thus makes them safe for natural hair.

Start with damp hair while using velcro rollers. After applying the styling mousse, let the hair air dry. You are ready to start rolling when your hair is just a little moist. Hair should first be divided into three sections, then smaller sections to fit your rollers size should then be created. Logically, more volume is produced with larger rollers. Firstly, try holding a section of hair out and straighten, then roll the hair ends towards you with the roller wrap around the hair. Continue until all the different sections of hair are firmly in position using rollers. Allow hair to sit for around 20 minutes. Put some rollers in the area around your head’s crown if you want to turn up the hair volume by a notch, and keep them in place while you put on makeup or get dressed.