Many women have been asking the same question: Is ginger hair colour the same as strawberry blonde hair colour?

They are not the identical shade. Though both of them have coppery hues, they’re actually two distinct colour numbers.

Ginger is colour number 7.4, and Strawberry blonde is number 9.4.

It’s the most common mistake to assume that they are the same. Ginger is a more vibrant and intense orange tone, whereas the strawberry blonde tone is also considered to be copper tones but it’s much softer and lighter.

Ginger hair is the sole colour that has a natural copper tone. 

Some lucky people happen to have the colour naturally within their hair.

However, there aren’t many people who have that kind of luck.

Because they’re uncommon and unique, such copper tones are often a very well sought-after hair colour in salons.

However, you must ask yourself which of the two colours should you pick?

Let us get that right off the bat. Both of these shades are ideal for pale or light skin.

If your skin is darker we’d suggest a shade which is more toward mahogany or red which are the ideal colour for your skin tones. 

Another question that is frequently asked is in order to achieve the different desired hair colours, are you required to bleach your hair.

The answer is that it really depends on individual hair.

If your hair’s base colour is dark, you’ll certainly have to bleach your hair to achieve the desired colours.

Both colours, ginger and strawberry blonde, are both technically considered as blonde hues.

Hence, in order for them to appear perfect, it is necessary to bleach your hair so that it has a lighter base. This will affect your routine for maintenance.

As you’re aware, maintaining copper and orange dyes requires strict adhering to your schedule of hair maintenance.

You’ll have to refresh your shade at least every four weeks, or perhaps to do it more frequently. Also you can’t just retouch the roots as you can with other shades!

You’ll need to touch up the entire colour from your roots until the hair ends.

If you decide to go for strawberry blonde you’ll bleach your hair roots every session you touch up your hair.

Which COPPER-TONED colour is suitable for you? GINGER OR STRAWBERRY BLONDE?

Shades that have copper tones such as ginger or strawberry blonde flatter those with pale or light skin.

For skin that is very light, then you should consider using ginger 7.4. This colour will draw attention to your eyes and provide you with the most elegant appearance.

If your skin is very pale, you can use strawberry blonde 9.4. This colour softens your face features and gives your skin certain warmth tones.

However, if the skin tone is dark, we wouldn’t suggest these colours due to certain reasons.

Firstly, these copper tones can cause any imperfections on your dark skin to be even more prominent as if there is light illuminating on your face.

Then, you’ll need to bleach your hair many times because people with darker skin tone tend to have dense and thick hair. To achieve the strawberry blonde or ginger shade hair, your hair must be extremely light, thus you’d risk damaging your hair with the multiple bleaching.

The third reason is that copper tones can make people with darker skin appear to have larger and wider faces. It could cause you to look as if you’re looking tired and your face looks bloated.

If you love copper-toned shades in general, we suggest trying other copper tones which are better suited for darker skin tones.

A strawberry shade like number 6.6 or a deep red such as 4.7 may be perfect for your skin tone.

Can you apply these colours on any base hair colour?

If you’re considering having that strawberry blonde hair, bear in mind that you’ll have to have a light hair base in order to achieve this shade.

The same applies if you’re looking for the hair to be dyed in ginger shade.

If your hair’s base colour isn’t that light then you’ll have to consider the bleaching process for your hair.

Both strawberry and ginger shades are technically shades of blonde.

strawberry balayage

For the 9.4 strawberry blonde, it can be described as a light copper blonde, whereas 7.4 ginger is actually a dark copper blonde. 

Thus, to make these colours look more appealing, brands offer cute names for them, such as citrus blonde or strawberry blonde, etc.

Now you know exactly the hue and its corresponding numbers on the colour scale.

If you’re looking to bleach your hair we would suggest looking for your colourist to do the job. This involves a chemical process during bleaching of your hair and it can cause damage to it. This is the reason you should be cautious about it if you are in the process of going for the bleach.

If the hair colour of your base is very dark, for instance:

  • Dark brown 3
  • Brown 4
  • Medium brown 5

It is necessary to bleach your hair in order to make it lighter by at least 2 to 3 levels before you can apply either ginger or strawberry blonde dye.

You may need to complete more than one application of bleach, and please keep in mind that you can lighten your hair to 3 levels every time when you bleach the hair.

We advise not to perform this by yourself If you’re not knowledgeable with regards to hair colour.

Please seek advice from a trained colourist.

However, if you’re still planning to perform this procedure at your own home here’s some suggestions:

Do not use more than 20 volumes of peroxide in your hair. If you apply too much, your hair may get burned or, worst case, it may even break and you’ll have to cut it off.

Please use white bleaching powder since it is more effective and will lighten more than blue bleaching powder. It is also much easier to rinse out.

Make sure you use a protective serum that has an anti-breaking effect. It can help ensure that your hair won’t break in the process.

It is beneficial to mix a few drops of coconut oil into the bleach mixture to aid in hydrating your hair while bleaching.

Do not leave the bleach mixture in your hair for more than 30 mins if you aren’t looking to damage it irreparably.

Begin by applying the mixture onto the middle as well as at the ends of your hair, however you should leave the hair’s roots to the final.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are only for you if you intend for bleaching your hair yourself at home.

After bleaching your hair, you are able to apply the colour you’ve decided on.

Is it difficult to maintain these colours at home?

As we’ve mentioned, you should adhere to the strict schedules for maintaining your orange or red coloured hair.

While it’s true these colours contain a great amount of pigmentation and it is also the fact that these colours fade rapidly.

As we have stated in the first paragraph of this article that ginger and strawberry blonde are not the same colour.

We will give you advice on how to maintain every different colour.

How do you maintain the  STRAWBERRY BLONDE hair colour?

If your hair’s natural colour is dark, for example, medium brown 5 or brown 4, after you have touched up the strawberry blonde hair, you’ll have to bleach your hair’s roots.

Keep in mind strawberry blonde hair is actually a lighter copper-toned blonde. So when you are ready to touch up your hair, you have two varying methods for doing it.

You can bleach the roots, and use dye for your entire hair including your roots.

You can dye your hair with a developer of 30 volume, so that this will lighten your hair and ensure that the strawberry blonde appearance is perfect.

You’ll need to retouch your strawberry blonde every 3-4 weeks which means that you’ll have to touch up all your hair completely.

This is due to the fact that it’s an extremely light shade, which entails that the pigmentation is washed away rapidly after every wash.

In order to make your colour last longer, try replacing your regular shampoo with a copper or orange toning shampoo.

This way, each time when washing your hair, you’ll be adding a tiny amount of colour into your hair.

How to Perform Touching Up for Ginger Hair Colour?

It’s not necessary to perform the bleaching of your roots in order to touch up the ginger hair colour.

The necessary requirement is to apply the ginger dye from the hair roots to the end and your colour will completely change.

It is recommended to retouch your colour every 4-5 weeks. You may notice that during the last two weeks before you touch up, the shade may appear opaque.

It is again possible to revive and refresh your hair by using copper-toning shampoos to give it more life and energy towards the end of the cycle.

If you are considering investing and joining the ranks of celebrities and superstars with beautiful and stunning strawberry or ginger hair colours, then you have come to the right place.

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